Important COVID-19 Resources for Providence Residents & Businesses

Important COVID-19 Resources for Providence Residents & Businesses

Today’s Updates

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June 24, 2020

Governor Raimondo is reminding Rhode Islanders that we must not grow complacent as we continue our fight with COVID-19. Other states throughout the country have seen resurgences as restrictions have been eased and there has been less compliance with regulations.

Governor Raimondo announced that over the Summer, youth and adult  no contact, or low contact sports will be allowed to be played between stable groups with no overall group size.

  • The same players and coaches must remain together over the course of the summer
  • Games may be played between teams within or outside of Rhode island
  • Spectators will be allowed. Mask wearing is required among spectators and a limit of no more than two spectators per player is suggested
  • Different rules will be provided at the end of the summer regarding school sports
  • Details will be posted on Monday on
This weekend, Rhode Island beaches will be open with 75% parking capacity. Rhode Islanders are encouraged to buy beach passes online beforehand at
This weekend, the State will be launching a new tool to check if beach parking lots are full online. This will be available starting Saturday at
  • Remember that beach goers must bring masks to the beach and must not congregate
On Saturday, the COVID-19 testing center at Twin River in Lincoln will be closing. The current testing demand in Rhode Island is well below the state’s capacity. The other testing sites throughout the state will remain open.

Updates Regarding the Federal, State, and City’s Response to COVID-19

  1. Anyone who would like confidential assistance with any questions they have regarding healthcare, testing, housing, food delivery, etc, can call “The Point” this is a confidential help line. The number is 401-462-4444
  2. Today, Rhode Island launched a one-stop COVID-19 app called Crush COVID RI. This app is available on the Apple app store and on Google Play in English and Spanish.
  3. A second stimulus package has replenished the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Fund. If you are a small business owner you are encouraged to call your banker immediately. If you do not currently have a relationship with a bank please email and they will help you find a lender.
  4. Any public facing employee (store clerks, office workers, etc.) will be required to wear a cloth face mask while at work. Residents also must wear the same type of cloth masks while out in public. Be sure that it covers your nose and mouth to keep others safe from the virus and other germs. To learn more visit: Face Masks How To’s
  5. Surge Hospital locations have been chosen: Providence – The Rhode Island Convention Center; Cranston – The Citizens Bank Building; Quonset – Former Lowe’s Wharehouse.
  6. The RI Department of Health is looking for part-time or retired public health workers including doctors, nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s, CNE’s, social workers and mental health workers to help during the crisis. If you would like to sign-up please visit RIResponds.Org
  7. All childcare centers are to remain closed until June 1, 2020.
  8. The RI DMV is providing 90-day extensions on registrations, renewals, etc. from the date of March 1, 2020 until the crisis is over.
  9. Rhode Island is now in Phase One of re-opening opening the economy. This means that the stay-at-home order has been lifted, however there are still many regulations and guidelines in place. For an outline of what Phase One looks like, click here.
  10. All gatherings of people in your home or outside cannot exceed five people. What does that mean? If you are working, you should not be in a small room with more than five people. You should not have more than five people in your home (unless they live there). You should only be in contact with those same five individuals as much as possible. This is vital to stop the spread of this virus.
  11. Anyone returning to or entering the State from any type of travel must self-quarantine for 14-days with the exception of Public Health workers, Public Safety workers, and people traveling for business.
  12. If you work outside of the State of Rhode Island and cannot work remotely, you must self-quarantine upon your return home from work daily for the duration of Phase One
  13. If you are a frontline worker in need of childcare or eldercare the State has partnered with to offer 90 Free Days of premium access to our state’s hospital, public safety, and other frontline personnel. This is a paid service. You can also volunteer as a provider offering your services for free, or sign-up to be a provider. Please visit: Care.Com RI
  14. The Rhode Island Primary has been moved from April 28 to June 2, 2020. This will be primarily done via Mail Ballot.
  15. The City has closed all City buildings, Providence Place Mall, and many of our cultural sites to protect against the spread of the virus until further notice. Learn more about COVID-19 and the City’s response here: Providence COVID-19.
  16. Don’t fall prey to COVID-19 Scams. No government agency will ask for your SSN or your address, they know it. For more information visit the Federal Trade Commission’s site regarding scams: FTC
  17. If you are seeing price gouging the Attorney General has created an online complaint form: Online Complaint Form
  18. Both Federal and State governments have extended tax filing deadlines until July 15, 2020.
  19. There is now a 30-day waiting period for the purchase of firearms in place, due to the need to have safety personnel available to assist with the ongoing health crisis.
  20. In regards to the upcoming June 2nd election. Drop boxes will be available at every City and Town Hall throughout the state where you can drop off your mail ballot. Here is an updated list of polling locations for this election only.
  21. The United Way of Rhode Island has announced a statewide challenge in the month of June called #BeKindRI. Rhode Islanders are encouraged to share their acts of kindness on social media with the hashtag #BeKindRI.
  22. The Department of Administration has implemented the Federal Work Share Program for State Employees. Voluntary participation is highly encouraged as a way to immediately cut costs while preventing widespread layoffs or furloughs.
  23. The Federal Government has extended an executive order allowing Rhode Island to maintain its utilization of the National Guard under federal funding until August 21st.
  24. Governor Raimondo has extended the following executive orders:
    • Until July 4th: 
      • Individuals must wear cloth face coverings in indoor and outdoor public spaces
    • Until July 5th
      • Rhode Island remains under a State of Emergency
      • Insurance providers must cover primary, specialty, mental and behavioral health care via Telehealth medicine, and reimbursement rates must remain the same as in-person rates
      • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must isolate until you no longer have symptoms
      • If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you must self-quarantine for 14 days
  25. On Friday, Governor Raimondo announced the WeR1 initiative, in an effort to bring relief to Rhode Islanders who are undocumented and therefore are not eligible to benefit from Federal and State relief programs. Donations to the weR1 Rhode Island Fund can be made at or by texting weR1 to 27126. Learn more here.

Reopening Rhode Island

  1. The State of Rhode Island has launched a website to describe the plan to reopen the economy here you can find guidance for reopening your business, plans for the phases of re-opening and resources to share your ideas: REOPENINGRI.COM
  2. Governor Raimondo shared what the guidelines looked like for determining wether or not the state is ready to move on to a new phase of re-opening. These guidelines can be viewed here.
  3. On Memorial Day, East Matunuck State Beach and Scarborough State beach will be opened. There will be significantly limited parking and there will be no lifeguards on duty, and no bathrooms, showers or changing rooms. Parking and admission will be free for the day. More information will be available later this week on
  4. Houses of worship will be allowed to open the weekend of May 30th. Updates regarding the restrictions that will be in place will be shared on later this week. Services will be limited to a maximum of 25% of the building’s overall capacity.
  5. The week of May 18th, 1.5 million face masks and disinfectant cleaning supplies will be made available to small businesses in Rhode Island with 50 or fewer employees. Qualifying businesses can pick up about a month’s supply along with a voucher for cleaning supplies which can be used at any Ocean State Job Lot in Rhode Island. In order to qualify, businesses must have completed a COVID-19 control plan. A template for this is available in English and Spanish. More information will be available to small businesses on
  6. Childcare centers are still set to open on June 1st. In an effort to help work to wards this goal, childcare centers will be receiving 50,000 surgical masks.
  7. Restaurants and small businesses such as non-critical retailers beginning to reopen in phase one should visit for guidance on doing so safely and in compliance with phase one regulations.
  8. Businesses who are currently open or looking to begin reopening must have their COVID-19 plans complete by Monday May 18. These plans do not have to be submitted to the state but must be on file. If inspectors come, they will ask to see a copy of the business’ plans. A template for this can be found on
  9. Summer camps in Rhode Island are on track to start up on June 29th. There will be significant guidelines such as limiting groups to 15 children and daily screenings of children. Full guidelines will be posted on
  10. Governor Raimondo has announced her plan to begin Phase 2 on June 1st. In Phase 2, most sectors will be able to reopen under new guidelines and regulations. Of course, there will be many guidelines and restrictions in place as all of these places reopen. Details for businesses are available on It is important for Rhode Islanders to remember that these Phase 2 plans do not begin until June 1st, and for the next several days it is very important to continue following the guidelines of Phase 1.
  11. Commerce RI will be holding multiple Facebook Town Halls this week tailored towards different kinds of businesses as so many sectors plan to reopen in June. Dates and times can be found on the Commerce RI Facebook event page here:
  12. Governor Raimondo will be signing an executive order officially starting Phase 2 on June 1st.
    • The Governor reminds businesses that while they will be allowed to open on June 1st, it is not wise to do so unless they feel they are ready and it is a safe decision. In addition to this, businesses must not reopen unless they have completed a COVID-19 Control plan. The template for a COVID-19 control plan can be found here: ENG ESP
  13. Information regarding the reopening of gyms was released on Here is the information:
    1. Children will remain in stable groups of 15 children or fewer
    2. There will be no league or tournament sports allowed yet
    3. For any youth sports organizations in need of extra equipment, the DEM can help. This is their website: youth sports will be allowed in Phase 2.
    4. Information is available on regarding Phase 2 for general businesses, retail, personal services and dining.
  14. Rhode Island Commerce has held multiple Facebook Town Halls to assist and support various types of businesses. These can be viewed here:
  15. Businesses looking for further assistance should visit
  16. In Phase 2, visitation at nursing homes and assisted living centers will remain prohibited.
  17. Other congregate living settings where tenants are not in fragile health, like group homes, youth homes, DCYF facilities and the ACI will relax visitation restrictions but there will still be guidelines and social distancing.
  18. Twin River will be opening June 8th by invitation only with extreme social distancing measures in place
  19. Governor Raimondo reminds Rhode Islanders to maintain social distancing and mask wearing even at parks and beaches.
  20. On Saturday, there were over 1,000 protestors in Providence. Governor Raimondo thanked the protestors for largely following social distancing guidelines, and reiterates that the State will be encouraging voluntary compliance with guidelines as much as possible.
    1. The state will not have access to the ‘Contacts’ in your phone, or your location. The Department of Health may only gain access to your location diary if you allow it.
    2. The app can be used with or without the location diary
    3. The app is, and will remain, completely optional to Rhode Islanders, but is encouraged as a way to personally keep track of your location, track your symptoms and get the latest updates from the State and the Department of HealthGovernor Raimondo took some time to go over some more details about the Crush COVID App
  21. In person summer camp will be starting in Rhode Island on June 29th. $7.5 million of CARES Act funding has been allocated to provide support to Summer camps. More information can be found on
  22. Phase 3 is due to start in Rhode Island next week. Find details on what Phase 3 will look like on

Health Resources for COVID-19

  1. There are 16,606 positive cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island, 5,628 (as of June 24, 2020)  positive cases in the city of Providence, and 912 deaths related to the virus. (This number changes daily and will be updated immediately after the Governor’s daily briefing.)
  2. Everyone must wear face masks when at work or out in public until further notice. Learn more about masks here: Face Masks
  3. There are several walk up and drive-thru testing sites in Providence as well as many across the state. To get tested, you will need a referral from your doctor. There are tests being offered at Clinica Esperenza, Rhode Island Department of Health, local hospitals and respiratory clinics, Stop & Shop testing locations and CVS’s rapid COVID-19 Testing Site at Twin Rivers Casino. In all cases you need to make an appointment first, either with your primary care physician or urgent care facility, and the CVS site is only for adults 18 and older who are currently working. No doctor referral required and testing is free. Make your appointment on
  4. Governor Raimondo is encouraging Rhode Islanders to go to the doctors and make appointments with their primary health care providers if needed.
  5. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed you can access services for adults and children where you will be matched with mental health professionals. Adults can call BHLink at 414-Link and for children, you can call KidsLink at 855-543-5465. If you are experiencing violence in the home or other mental health struggles here is a great resource provided by the RI Department of Health: In English  En Español
  6. For more information on what you should do if you feel that you may have contracted COVID-19, or come into contact with someone that could potentially have COVID-19 please visit the Rhode Island Health Department’s website or by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 401-222-8022.
  7. Any person in the State of Rhode Island currently on Medicaid will remain on the plan until the health crisis is resolved.
  8. Governor Raimondo has announced that testing and treatment for COVID-19 would be free for Rhode Islanders, with no co-pay or out of pocket expenses.
  9. If you are sick at all – headache, runny nose, cough, fever or other symptoms you must stay home from work.
  10. If you are in quarantine the state has set up a program for food service, you can go to or call 211 to access this service.
  11. Keep a daily log of where you have been and who you came in contact with to help in mitigation and contact tracing if you become infected with the COVID-19 virus.
  12. Interesting interactive article from The New York Times: How the Virus Got Out.
  13. The Red Cross has launched the Virtual Family Assistance Center. This program will provide help to families who have lost a family member due to COVID-19, this includes counseling services, legal resources, funeral information and more. Here is a link to the page:
  14. CVS has opened 10 new drive through testing sites throughout the state. These are appointment only, you can make the appointment on The locations offer same-day testing, but results will take 2-3 days.
  15. Governor Raimondo shared the state’s “SOS” testing system which comprises of the following factors:
    • Symptomatics- Testing individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19
    • Outbreaks- Controlling and containing outbreaks
    • Surveillance- Frequent testing of individuals who do not have symptoms of COVID-19
    The State has expanded asymptomatic testing opportunities to restaurant workers and bus drivers. Those who are interested may sign up for a test here: or by calling the Department of Health at 401-222-8022
  16. Rhode Island has established itself as one of the most advanced states in the nation regarding testing. About 15% of the population has been tested which is 3 times higher than the national average. Moving forward, the state will be continuing to work to further expand testing. This includes a new effort to increase testing of asymptomatic people.
    • Starting today, close contact workers (hair stylists, barbers, nail salon employees etc), restaurant workers, bus drivers and child care workers will be able to receive free COVID-19 testing at any of the National Guard testing sites. You do not need to have symptoms to get tested.
    • The goal is to test 900 asymptomatic people a day, and to expand the testing to more people over time.
    • To sign up for an asymptomatic test click here: or call the Department of Health at 401-222-8022
    Governor Raimondo and the Department of Health are encouraging Rhode Islanders who attended rallies or protests over the weekend to get tested for COVID-19 if possible and to avoid close contact with anyone in their life who may be elderly or of frail health.
  17. The State will be adding 4 new asymptomatic testing sites in Rhode Island at 4 different Stop & Shop locations. These locations are in Cranston, Pawtucket and the Stop & Shops on Manton Ave and West River St in Providence.






City Council and City Services Remaining Operational

  1. The City Council Office remains accessible via phone at 401-521-7477, or email at Staff members can answer your calls and help assist you with any needs you may have.
  2. All emergency services including Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and—for life safety matters only— Animal Control will continue regular operations.
  3. Mayor’s Center for City Services will be taking calls from 8:00AM to 8:00PM and will continue to address concerns submitted through the PVD311 app or website.
  4. City planning applications, permits, and licensing reviews will require residents and businesses to use online and email tools for submission of materials and payment. In cases where this is not possible, documents can be dropped off at specified times or submitted through the drop-box located at the back entrance of 444 Westminster Street (accessible by the parking lot on Greene St).*[2]
  5. All Public Works requests will be handled on a case by case basis as it relates to the safety and sanitation of the city.*[1]
  6. The Inspections of buildings and other infrastructure will continue as regularly scheduled.*[1]
  7. Tax Collection will be accessible online, by phone or by mail. Mailed payments should include quarterly coupon and a personal check, certified check or money order payable to the City of Providence.*[1]
  8. Tax Assessment services will be accessible online. Time-sensitive documents, such as homestead exemption applications, are available online and can be mailed to City Hall or emailed to and will continue to be processed.*[1]
  9. Vital Records will continue to receive documents for death certificates through mail, at specified drop-off times*[2] or using the City Hall drop-box accessible through Eddy Street. Select documents can be requested online and will be provided through mail.
  10. Licensing will continue to receive documents online or through mail.*[1] New licenses will not be issued and all food, entertainment and liquor licenses and licensing violation hearings will not be held until further notice.
  11. Public meetings that are non-essential will be postponed for the next 30 days, per the Governor’s Executive Order, and all essential meetings are encouraged to happen online or by phone as specified.
  12. Documents processed by the Recorder of Deeds can be mailed to City Hall or dropped-off during specified times.*[2] Property history can be searched online, research prior to 2004 cannot be done at this time.
  13. Commission of Human Relations complaint intake will be accessible online only.
  14. All Finance and budget functions essential to core city operations and payroll will continue.*[1]
  15. The Board of Contract and Supply will continue to receive bids on city contracts according to specified drop off hours*[2] and on the same day that the Board of Contract and Supply meetings occur between the hours of 11AM and 2:15PM. For day-of drop-offs, documents can be submitted using the buzzer located next to the wheelchair-accessible entrance of City Hall on Eddy Street and giving the documents to a member of the City Clerk’s office.

*[1] Please note that there may be slight delays in carrying out these operations due to reduced staffing or helping address pandemic-related issues.

*[2] Please note that select documents can be dropped off Tuesday and Thursday between 10AM and 1PM through the wheelchair-accessible entrance of City Hall on Eddy Street. Upon dropping off documents, please use the buzzer outside of the door and wait for assistance. Documents can also be submitted via drop-boxes located at City Hall, accessible through Eddy Street, and at the Doorley Municipal Building (444 Westminster Street), accessible through Greene Street. Drop-boxes will be checked twice a week, so processing may be delayed.


The following City Services and Offices or Buildings Will be Closed or Suspended Until Further Notice

  1. Providence City Hall and all other municipal buildings
  2. Providence Public Schools and Buildings
  3. netWORKri Career Center
  4. All Recreation Centers
  5. The Botanical Center
  6. Museum of Natural History
  7. BankNewport City Center and Providence Rink
  8. Providence Housing Court
  9. Providence Probate Court
  10. Special Event permit issuance
  11. Entertainment license issuance
  12. Board of Canvassers; residents looking to register to vote can do so online.
  13. All public programming from Parks, Recreation, and Art, Culture + Tourism

How to Volunteer, Help Your Neighbors, How to Safely Grocery Shop, & Restaurant Food Donations

  1. The United Way of Rhode Island is creating a list of volunteers as a proactive measure to protect and support our communities during COVID-19. If you’re interested in helping nonprofits meet Rhode Islanders’ basic needs, please complete this short survey. Note: we’ll only contact you if there is a match.
  2. The RI Department of Health is looking for part-time or retired public health workers including doctors, nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s, CNE’s, social workers and mental health workers to help during the crisis. If you would like to sign-up please visit RIResponds.Org
  3. Check out this handy guide of best practices that City Council has created: English and En Español
  4. The City’s Healthy Communities Department has issued the following guidelines for grocery shopping: English and En Español
  5. If you are a restaurant or would like to donate food from a restaurant, please follow these guidelines: English and En Español

How to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

    1. Wash your hands, and here’s why: The Science Behind HandWashing in COVID-19
    2. Stay inside as much as possible.
    3. Do not congregate in groups.
    4. Do not go to malls or areas where large numbers of people may be – like bars or restaurants.
    5. Do go for a walk or a run – it just means that you need to keep your distance from other people. Otherwise seemingly healthy people can be a carrier for COVID-19 and have no symptoms, but it can quickly spread – especially to individuals over the age of 60 or to those who have compromised immune systems or other underlying health concerns. So please be mindful.
    6. Practice Social Distancing: Social Distancing is the practice of keeping a distance of roughly 4 to 6 feet between you and other people – even your loved ones. It means no close personal contact like hugging or handshaking. Say hello or nod your head when greeting a friend or neighbor.
    7. Remember to practice safe hygiene by washing your hands, coughing and sneezing into your elbows, using hand sanitizer, and staying indoors and at home if feeling sick.

Resources Regarding Providence City Schools and Meal Services for Residents 18 & Younger

  1. Distance learning will continue for grades K-12 in the State of Rhode Island for the remainder of the school year.
  2. The Providence Public School Department has a distance learning hotline for students and families:  401-456-0686
  3. On June 15th, there will be a televised statewide high school graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. This will be aired on PBS and will be called “Your Year 2020”. It will feature surprise guest speakers and video submissions from high school seniors. You can submit a video here: The deadline to submit is next Friday, May 22nd.
  4. The Highlander Institue in cooperation with the Rhode Island Department of Education has also implemented a Distance Learning Resource Hotline you can submit your questions via the internet and their group of volunteers will contact you with the support you need: Online Request Form
  5. Commissioner Infante-Green and Superintendent Peters have shared information regarding distance learning. Watch this informative video here: Distance Learning with Commissioner Infante-Green and Superintendent Peters
  6. What Distance Learning looks like – check out this Google Document for more information: Distance Learning
  7. There are 13 sites across the city where all children, ages 18 and younger, regardless of where they attend school, can access several days worth of “Grab & Go” meals. The locations will be open from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm (for school students their lunch break is from 11:00 am to 1:00 PM) Tuesdays and Thursdays during the duration of the closure. On Friday, they will be sent home with three meals for each day of the weekend: Meal Distribution Locations
  8. In addition to the meals being provided at the schools, the City of Providence is offering free, packaged dinner meals at each of Providence’s eleven recreation centers. Meals can be picked up between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays by residents 18 and under but they must be personally present at the distribution site. No ID is required: Meal Distribution Locations
  9. Providence City Schools will be undergoing a deep cleaning and disinfection of all schools and administrative buildings per CDC Guidelines.
  10. Providence Community Libraries and the Providence Public Library and all associated programming have been closed/canceled until further notice.
  11. Governor Raimondo announced a statewide goal of reopening schools for full in-person learning on August 31st. All schools will follow the same schedule for the year, which can be viewed here:

    School will look different upon return in the fall. Some changes may include frequent cleaning, spaced desks, staggered start times, less children per bus, and absolutely no attending school if a child is sick. Each district must submit a plan for the following scenarios:

    • Full return to in person learning
    • A hybrid of in person and distance learning
    • Full online distance learning
    On Friday, June 19th, guidelines will be shared on and on RIDE’s website ( regarding how schools can prepare for this. Plans are due from each district to RIDE by July 17th.
    The state will be allocating $42 million of CARES Act funding to schools in order to assist with the changes and adjustments. The state is also prepared to use additional stimulus money as necessary.
  12. The state has set up a COVID Response Youth Summer Jobs program for high school students who are looking for summer jobs. The state will be supporting employers hiring youth for summer jobs related to the COVID-19 response. Students and employers can find more information at

Resources Around Utilities, Social, Federal and State Services

  1. To find out more information regarding the U.S. Economic Impact Payment Program (Stimulus Checks) see these Resurces:
    1. Stimulus Checks 101 Webinar April 21 (RI Coalition for the Homeless)
    2. For non-filers visit here: Non-Filer Payment Info (IRS)
    3. Fact Sheet on Economic Impact Payments (Economic Progress Institute)
  2. If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can call this anonymous line: 24/7 Domestic Violence Anonymous Chat Line (RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence)
  3. If you find yourself experiencing homelessness or know someone who is here is a great resource: RI Coalition for the Homeless
  4. The State is increasing SNAP benefits for nearly half of recipients, and you will this increase in your April 1, 2020 EBT Card deposit.
  5. All regulated utility companies have ensured that if someone is unable to pay their bill due to lack of income, that their services will not be interrupted until May 31, 2020.  National Grid, Providence Water and Cox Cable have agreed to the moratorium. Cox is now offering free internet for two months during this duration. Please note that this is only for two months, and then will become a billed service at $10/month. They have also agreed to not charge late fees, or suspend service for the next 60-days for residential customers. In addition, Cox is setting up “hotspots” around the City to provide free wifi. You can enter your zip code here and it will provide you with a list of locations in your neighborhood: WIFI Hotspots
  6. Verizon will waive late fees over the next 60 days that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus. In addition, Verizon will not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus.
  7. Residential trash and recycling pick-ups are considered essential services and will continue as scheduled.
  8. Department of Labor and Training (DLT), and HealthSource RI will be moving to online and telephone-only services until further notice. This includes all new applications, renewals, or changes in benefits. Individuals who need to drop off paper applications will be able to do so without speaking with a customer service representative.
  9. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced earlier today that licensing road tests will be canceled through the end of the week. In addition, beginning tomorrow, all DMV satellite offices will be closed. (Closures of the satellite locations in Westerly and Warren has previously been announced).
  10. The Cranston DMV will only be providing the following limited services: dealer appointments, adjudications, and commercial drivers licenses. Rhode Islanders are encouraged not to go to the DMV unless absolutely necessary. The DMV is only taking clients for all services by appointment only. Please check the DMV website to confirm an appointment before visiting the DMV.
  11. SNAP recipients are now able to buy groceries online from Amazon and participating Walmarts with their EBT cards.
  12. Recipients of RI Works Cash Assistance will be receiving an additional one time payment on their EBT cards on June 19th. The payment will be proportional to the size of the recipient’s household. More information is available here:
  13. The state has partnered with United Way of RI and the Rhode Island Realtors Association to start the Housing Now Initiative. This initiative is asking Rhode Island landlords to pledge at least 100 rental units by July 1st to renters who have housing vouchers. In doing so, landlords would receive a $2000 signing bonus for the first unit they pledge and an additional $500 for each additional unit. For more information call 211.

Resources for Seniors

  1. Providence has several meal sites dedicated to serving older adults throughout the city. Please contact each site directly as information may change daily: Senior Meal Sites
  2. Grocery stores throughout Rhode Island are providing dedicated shopping hours to promote the safety and wellness of older adults: Dedicated Senior Shopping Hours
  3. With the recent stay-at-home orders issued across the states to further contain the spread of COVID 19, SeniorLiving.Org  has compiled information on how to help seniors with communication, grocery delivery, home care and, health monitoring. This guide, Social Distancing: Apps for Seniors, provides practical apps for seniors (tech-savvy or not), along with setup assistance.
  4. Governor Raimondo and the Rhode Island Office of Health Aging held a Facebook Town Hall for older Rhode Islanders. This can be viewed here:
  5. Governor Raimondo took some time to go over the current situation in nursing homes.

    • About 76% of Rhode Island deaths due to COVID-19 have been nursing home residents. This is higher than both Massachusetts and Connecticut.
    • However, on a per capita basis, Rhode Island has seen less nursing home deaths compared to MA and CT.
    • Rhode Island is currently in the third phase of nursing home testing; through this program, every nursing home employee is able to get tested for COVID-19.
    • The National Guard has been providing assistance to any nursing home that requests it. This assistance includes employee PPE training, supplemented staffing for understaffed shifts, grief and trauma counseling, increased employee wages and increased PPE funding.

Resources for Renters & Homeowners

  1. The State of Rhode Island has created a fund to help individuals who have past due rent and for those eligible can seek a grant of up to $5K. To find out if you are eligible, please visit or call the United Way at 2-1-1 if you don’t have access to the internet.
  2. The State of Rhode Island has partnered with several financial institutions to provide a 90-day grace period on residential mortgage payments, no negative impacts to credit ratings from this relief, no late fees or charges, and a 60-day moratorium on initiating foreclosure sales or evictions for those who are impacted by COVID-19. To find a list of participating financial institutions visit the Department of Business Regulation.
  3. HomesRI has released fact sheets on your rights as a tenant and how you can be protected during this COVID-19 crisis: In English En Español
  4. HomesRI has released fact sheets on your rights as a homeowner and how you can be protected during this COVID-19 crisis: In English En Español
  5. Governor Raimondo is allocating and additional $5 million to emergency rental assistance. This will be available starting tomorrow and those who qualify can receive up to $5,000 to help pay for past due rent. Visit for more info.

Resources for Lost Wages and Employee Rights

Here is a great resource of what you may or may not qualify for, and how to apply as published by WPRI News.

  1. If you lost a job due to COVID-19 or unemployed, the State has launched a new website to match employees with companies that are hiring:
  2. If you lost a job due to COVID-19 or unemployed, the State has launched a new website to match employees with companies that are hiring:
  3. If you have lost work or have to stay home because of COVID-19, the state may be able to help: Workplace Aid 
  4. If you are quarantined with COVID-19 you can apply for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI): TDI Application
  5. If the place where you work closes or your employer tells you that you must stay home without pay, you may be able to collect Unemployment Insurance if you can please fill out the form online and not call the office as it slows down processing of checks: File an Unemployment Claim
  6. Rhode Islanders have a right to paid sick time as passed by the General Assembly in 2018. Use them: Paid Sick Leave Fact Sheet
  7. Are you a member of the RI AFL-CIO? Here’s a comprehensive guide of resources if you are out of work and other benefits: AFL-CIO

Resources for the Self-Employed, Contract Workers, Sole Proprietors, or Gig Workers

  1. Gig workers, contract workers, self-employed, small business owners, sole proprietors, and other people who do not qualify for traditional unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are covered in the new federal CARES Act, can file online here: File an Unemployment Claim 

Resources for Small Businesses

  1. Microsoft has donated 500 laptops to Rhode Island small businesses of 25 or fewer employees. Applications are available here: and are due on May 26th.
  2. A second stimulus package has replenished the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Fund. If you are a small business owner you are encouraged to call your banker immediately. If you do not currently have a relationship with a bank please email and they will help you find a lender.
  3. If you are a business owner you have likely heard about the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program. Here you will find an overview of the program, a fact sheet about the program, and the application of the program provided to the City Council by Bank Newport. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.
  4. The City of Providence has made adjustments to the Providence Business Loan Fund (PBLF) allowing businesses to borrow as little as $10K with closing costs capped at $500, with zero interest for up to 12 months, and deferred loan payments for 6-12 months. To further address the current disruption to the business community, PBLF is suspending the accrual of interest and fees on the loans to all current borrowers in April. Businesses interested in learning more about PBLF—including eligibility requirements—should visit, or contact PBLF Director Tom Hoagland by calling 401-680-8412.
  5. The City also announced the deployment of an online survey, administered by the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), to assess the impact COVID-19 has had on local businesses. The survey can be taken online until April 30. While the survey is anonymous, results will be shared with city agencies and local partners to further guide the city’s economic response.
  6. The state is launching a short-term bridge loan program for businesses with 10 or fewer employees. The loan fund is seeded with $2M, and you are able to apply for the loan after you have filled out the SBA Disaster Assistance Loan Application. Call (401) 521-HELP.
  7. The SBA Disaster Loan Assistance has been approved by the Small Business Administration, please note due to high volume the website has had a tendency to move slow or crash: Application
  8. If you own a small business and need assistance because of COVID-19, the RI Commerce Corporation asks that you call: The Small Business Hotline (401) 521-HELP during normal business hours or via e-mail at any time. They can help by guiding you through the claims process.
  9. The Center for Women & Enterprise has shared a very valuable webinar on the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance application. You can view the webinar here: CW&E Webinar
  10. Commerce RI, with support from volunteers from the Tech Community, will provide free tech support and advice on moving their businesses to remote working.
  11. The Department of Business Regulations‘ regulations include a defined number of people allowed in the establishment at one time, creating social distancing in lines, increased and more thorough cleaning, and having designated staff to keep a physical count of shoppers in a store at any given one time.
  12. If you are having issues with the Disaster Loan Assistance application, or have been issued a denial please call 401-521-HELP.
  13. If you have lost business because of COVID-19, we ask that you fill out the Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet shared by the US Small Business Administration. By doing this, it may help Rhode Island get federal aid in support of our small businesses who have suffered adversely due to the ramifications of COVID-19.

Changes to Municipal Courts, Fines, Scofflaw Booting, and State Courts

  1. All trials scheduled before the Municipal Courts have been canceled until further notice. If you had a court summons to appear you will receive a new one in the coming days.
  2. The Municipal Courts remain closed until further notice. If you need to make a payment you can do so online.
  3. Current Overnight Parking Permit holders whose permits have expired will be extended until the Municipal Courts re-open. If during this period you receive a parking ticket for illegal overnight parking, you will need to bring that ticket with you when you go to renew your permit and the Courts will dismiss that fine.
  4. The City Council has instructed the Municipal Courts to stop all Scofflaw Booting of Vehicles in Providence until further notice.
  5. The City Council has instructed the Municipal Courts to suspend all collection actions until further notice.
  6. The City Council has instructed the Municipal Courts to stop all doubling and tripling of fines as of Friday, March 16, 2020.
  7. State Courts are closed until May 17, 2020, and will only be open for essential matters.
  8. The Courts will be opening on June 1st but have agreed to only open eviction cases that initiated prior to March 17th. No COVID-19 related evictions will be opened until July 1st.

Potential Resources for Educators, Learners, and those Craving the Arts

  1. Governor Raimondo announced that this summer, summer camps will be allowed to operate in person, with a goal of starting on June 29th. There will be new guidelines involving cleaning, group sizes and other restrictions. More information will be available as plans are formed.
  2. While the Governor has stated that organized youth sports can not happen until the CDC changes its guidelines, she assured Rhode Islanders that the state will be working to ensure that children in Rhode Island have access to a full range of Summer programming from camps to summer classes. More information on this will be made available next week on
  3. The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Connection website has a number of resources including tips to prepare for and implement robust digital learning plans and our partner Digital Promise has helpful COVID-19 online learning resources and FAQs.
  4. The Smithsonian has shared a list of online distance learning resources that can be found here: The Smithsonian Learning Lab, Distance Learning Hub, Smithsonian Science Education Center’s Game Center, “Tami’s Tower: Let’s Think About Engineering.” They also have a series of non-tech resources like these activity pages. They even have an online program for older students like the Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide.
  5. Here is a great selection of sites that have waived subscription fees during this period: Online Learning
  6. The Roger Williams Park and Zoo are offering “Zoo School” on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 2 PM on Facebook!
  7. The Social Distancing Festival – Opera, Dance, Theater – all in one spot – and Free: Social Distancing Festival
  8. If you have access to streaming services, some of Broadway’s best shows are available across platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple, Netflix, Hulu, PBS and a host of others. Here’s a good list compiled by Playbill: Broadway on the Small Screen
  9. Fan of opera? Want to expose your young ones to one of the oldest performance artforms, NYC’s Metropolitan Opera is offering nightly viewings of some of their most revered performances: OperaWire
  10. 12 of the world’s most famous museums have virtual tours you can access online for free. Check out this article from Travel & Leisure to find one you might want to visit! Virtual Museum Tours
  11. The Rhode Island Department of Education is launching “Sail” Courses this summer. This temporary program is designed for students of all ages who may have fallen behind in distance learning. This program is free and there are a wide variety of courses for students from PreK-12. More information can be found on

Providence Restaurants Open for Takeout or Delivery: Thank You Eat Drink RI for This List For a Complete List of Restaurants Open in Rhode Island: Eat Drink RI

  1. Ahava Catering, Providence – 401-272-4835
  2. Andino’s, Providence – 401-453-3164 or delivery
  3. Angelo’s Civita Farnese, Providence – take out
  4. Anthony’s, Providence – 401-273-5900 or delivery
  5. Anthony’s Italian Deli, Providence – 401-621-8106
  6. Bagel Express, Providence – 401-455-1212
  7. Bajas Taqueria, Providence- take out
  8. Bajas Tex Mex Grill, Providence- take out
  9. Bites by Bre, Providence – delivery
  10. Cafeteria La Rueda, Providence – (401) 941-4438
  11. Carolina, Providence – 401-941-1333
  12. Cassarino’s Restaurant, Providence – 401-648-4900 or delivery
  13. Centro Restaurant, Providence – 401-228-6802
  14. Ceremony, Providence – take out
  15. Chef Ho’s, Providence – 401-831-0777 or delivery
  16. Chelos, Providence – (401) 861-6644
  17. Chez Pascal, Providence – take out
  18. Costantino’s Venda Bar Ristorante, Providence – 401-528-1100 or delivery
  19. Deluxe NutritionProvidence – 401-338-8241 take out
  20. Dolores, Providence – take out
  21. Don José Tequilas, Providence – 401-454-8951 or delivery
  22. El Eden, Providence – 401-270-1446
  23. El Eden Express, Providence, (401) 490-0802
  24. El FogonProvidence – 401-383-8239
  25. El Mogote, Providence – (401) 490-0053
  26. El Provocon Restaurant, Providence –  (401) 228-6322
  27. Enjoy Cafeteria, Providence – (401) 270-9660
  28. The Family Cake, Providence – take out
  29. Federal Hill Pizza, Providence – delivery
  30. Fire Works Catering, Providence – 401-831-9221
  31. Folklore Latino, Providence – (401) 524-1511
  32. Friskie Fries, Providence – take out
  33. Gasbarro’s Wines, Providence – 401- 421-4170
  34. Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches, Providence – take out & delivery
  35. Great Northern BBQ Co., Providence – 401-421-1513 or delivery
  36. Gregg’s, Providence – take out or delivery
  37. Good Game Grill, Providence – 401-537-7174
  38. Hudson Street Deli, Providence – 401-228-8555
  39. Hometown Poké, Providence – take out or delivery
  40. The Industrious Spirit Company, Providence – take out bottle of RI made vodka (see this Instagram post)
  41. Julian’s, Providence – 401-861-1770
  42. Kabob and Curry, Providence – take out & delivery
  43. La Broa Pizza, Providence – (401) 270-4884
  44. La Gran Parada, Providence – 401-941-4610
  45. La SonrisaProvidence – 401-228-3470
  46. Lekker Seiromushi, Providence – 401-285-9999 or delivery
  47. Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails, Providence – delivery (DELIVERY COCKTAILS!)
  48. Los Andes, Providence – 401-649-4911 or delivery
  49. Lotus Garden Noodle & Sushi House, Providence – 401-383-4774 or delivery
  50. Mi Casa Restaurant, Providence – (401) 270-0798
  51. Minerva’s Pizza, Providence – take out & delivery
  52. Murphy’s, Providence – 401-621-8467 or 401-421-1188 or delivery
  53. Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza, Providence – take out or delivery 1 or delivery 2
  54. New China RestaurantProvidence – (401) 437-8220
  55. Newport Creamery, Providence – take out
  56. Nicks on Broadway, Providence – 401-421-0286
  57. Nicks on Westminster, Providence – take out
  58. The Nitro Bar, Providence – take out & delivery
  59. Noodles 102, Providence – 401-383-5004
  60. Ocean State Sandwich Company, Providence – take out or delivery
  61. Olneyville NY System, Providence – take out or delivery
  62. Opa, Providence – 401-351-8282 or delivery
  63. Pasta Beach, Providence – 401-270-0740
  64. Pito Restaurant, Providence –  (401) 941-4320
  65. Pito’s Restaurant II, Providence – (401) 351-7988
  66. Pizza J, Providence – take out
  67. Pizza Pie-er, Providence – take out
  68. Plant City, Providence you can order from their apps Apple & Androidtake out & delivery
  69. Providence Pizza Palace, Providence – (401) 415-8967
  70. Providence Bagel, Providence – take out
  71. Providence Coal Fired Pizza, Providence – take out or delivery
  72. Rebelle Artisan Bagels, Providence – take out
  73. Roma, Providence – 401-331-5000
  74. Rosmarin, Providence – 401-500-5189
  75. Rue Bis, Providence – 401-490-9966
  76. Salted Slate, Providence – take out
  77. Serendipity Gourmet, Providence – 401-270-2233 or delivery
  78. Schasteâ, Providence – take out
  79. Sicilia’s, Providence – 401-273-9222 or delivery
  80. Shake Shack, Providence – 401-214-1823
  81. The Shop, Providence – 401-684-1140
  82. Sin, Providence – 401-369-8427
  83. Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, Providence – take out or delivery
  84. Subway Waterman St., Providence – 401-490-8178
  85. Sydney, Providence – 401-648-4994 ex. 1
  86. Tavolo Wine Bar & Tuscan Grille, Providence – take out & delivery
  87. Trinity Brewhouse, Providence – take out
  88. Tommy’s Pizza, Providence – 401-351-4141 or 401-621-3509
  89. Tori Tomo, Providence – 401-409-2077
  90. Trattoria Zooma, Providence – 401-383-2002 or delivery
  91. Troop, Providence – take out or delivery
  92. Wes’s Rib House, Providence – 401-421-9090
  93. Umelt, Providence – take out or delivery
  94. Viva Mexico Cantina & Grill, Providence – 401-369-7974
  95. Wise Guys Deli & Pizza, Providence – 401-621-8111 or delivery
  96. Wok & Pot, Providence – take out & delivery
  97. Y Noodle & Bar, Providence – 401-661-9666
  98. Yang Restaurant, Providence – (401) 780-0777
  99. Yoleni’s, Providence – take out & delivery

We will update this page as information becomes available.


Important COVID-19 Resources for Providence Residents & Businesses

City Council Update on COVID-19

Dear Neighbors,

The Members of the City Council have been in constant communication with the Administration, the Providence Emergency Management Agency, the Providence School Department, and Public Safety officials to assess and ensure the safety of our residents during these trying times.

As you are aware, yesterday Governor Raimondo moved the spring vacation of all public schools in the State of Rhode Island to begin on Monday, March 16, 2020. Since that announcement, the Providence School Department has worked to put mechanisms in place to ensure that no student goes hungry.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 17, there will be eight sites across the City where Providence Public School children can access “Grab & Go” lunches for that day and breakfast for the following day. The locations will be open from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm Monday – Friday during the duration of the break, and will continue if the State decides to keep schools closed for a longer period to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Service lines will be located at the front entrance of each school. No families will be allowed in the buildings. Sodexo staff will hand each student pre-packaged meals. To qualify for meals, students must attend a Providence Public School and be personally present at the distribution site.

The Eight Sites Are:

Asa Messer Elementary School located at 1655 Westminster Street.

Gilbert Stuart Middle School located at 188 Princeton Street.

Providence Career and Technical Academy located at 41 Fricker Street.

Mt. Pleasant High School located at 434 Mt. Pleasant Avenue.

Alvarez High School located at 375 Adelaide Avenue.

E-Cubed Academy located at 812 Branch Avenue.

Juanita Sanchez High School located at 182 Thurbers Avenue.

Hope High School located at 324 Hope Street.

During this time we ask that everyone continue to practice safe hygiene by washing their hands, coughing and sneezing into their elbows, using hand sanitizer, and staying indoors and at home if feeling sick.

Every student present in Providence schools on Friday – in grades 3-12 – was sent home with a Chrome Book so that they can access online learning and other tools. Here is a great selection of sites that have waived subscription fees during this period: Online Learning

The City has implemented a 100 person rule for restaurants and bars and has closed all City buildings and many of our cultural sites to protect against the spread of the virus. Today, the City launched a website with information for residents on COVID-19 and our response: Providence COVID-19.

The City is also working with utility companies to ensure that if someone is unable to pay their bill due to lack of income, that their services will not be interrupted. As we know more about these programs we will share them in later updates.

As of now, we are awaiting direction from the Attorney General’s Office regarding public attendance at the City Council meeting on Thursday, March 19 at 7:00 pm. Due to the advice of the Rhode Island Department of Health and the City to implement “social-distancing” we encourage you to watch the meeting on our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page where it will be livestreamed.

For more information on what you should do if you feel that you may have contracted COVID-19, or come into contact with someone that could potentially have COVID-19 please visit the Rhode Island Health Department’s website or by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 401-222-8022.


City Council President Sabina Matos and the Members of the Providence City Council

Councilman James Taylor Connects with his Constituents through Bingo & Barbecues

Councilman James Taylor Connects with his Constituents through Bingo & Barbecues

Since being sworn in as the Councilor representing Ward 8 in January 2019, Councilman James Taylor has made a tradition of holding Bingo nights for his elderly constituents.

In Ward 8, there are three high rises housing elderly community members along with two high rises that provide low-income housing.  Because these high rises are home to a concentrated number of constituents with specific needs, Councilman Taylor makes a point to visit frequently.

“Bingo nights are an opportunity for me to engage with my constituents, and make sure their needs are being met in their building and their community, as well as a time for us to come together as a neighborhood and have fun,” said Councilman Taylor.

Snacks, gift cards, and raffles are available to all attendees so that everybody has a chance to win. Council staff member Stephanie Jourdain joins to call out bingo numbers and translate for Spanish speaking constituents. State Senator Ana Quezada and State Representative Scott Slater also often come to play bingo and address the needs of their constituents.

In addition to Bingo Nights, Councilman Taylor hosted barbecues at the two low-income housing high rises in his ward, where the residents are often much younger. He recently provided domino tables for their community rooms, which have been a big hit.

Councilman Taylor continued “The only time high rises are full with visitors is on Christmas and Thanksgiving. I want Ward 8 constituents of all ages and backgrounds to know that they are an important part of our community and I am here to help them year-round.”

Story by Abigail Appel, University of Rhode Island, City Council Communications Intern


Important COVID-19 Resources for Providence Residents & Businesses

2019 Property Revaluation Complete

What You Need to Know

The City of Providence announced on March 29, 2019 that the state-mandated full real estate property revaluation is complete and real estate property value assessment notices will be mailed on April 15, 2019. At this time, the following 2018 real estate revaluation procedures have been executed: Data Collection of Building Data, Building Permit Inspections, Review Analysis of Sales, Cost and Land Analysis, Income & Expense Review, Commercial Market Rate Analysis, and Table Calculations.

Providence property owners will soon receive a notice (after April 15) advising them of the new appraised value of their real estate property prior to when the new value will officially be added to the tax roll.

What You Will Receive

How To Request A Review

The notice that contains the new appraised value will also explain how to arrange for a personal informal hearing to review the proposed assessment if they so choose. Recipients are asked to follow the instructions on your notice to book an appointment with Vision Government Solutions, Inc. for a hearing on any parcel. Please bring any information to support your request for a change; hearings are by appointment only. You can make an appointment online at or by phone by calling Vision Government Solutions at 1-888-844-4300.

Hearings will begin on April 23, 2019 and end on May 17, 2019 and will be held at either the Fox Point Boys and Girls Club located at 90 Ives Street or the Neutaconkanut Recreation Center located at 675 Plainfield Street.

The Hearing Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday-Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Friday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 27 and May 11 from 10 AM to 4 PM

The notices providing the results of the informal hearing will be mailed no later than May 31, 2019 with final values delivered on June 3, 2019.

Per RI General Law 44-5-11.6, cities and towns are required to perform a statistical update every third and sixth year and a full property revaluation every nine years. Vision Government Solutions uses recent sales and market data to inform their findings.

Property owners should not use the current tax rates when estimating their 2019 tax bill. Once the notices have been mailed, property owners may view their 2018 Data on the Vision Government Solutions website.

Learn more by visiting the City of Providence Tax Assessors website.

Celebrating 32 Years of DARE

Council President Sabina Matos helps to celebrate 32 great years of DARE!

Iasha Hall community volunteer celebrating the great work of DARE!

Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and Councilman President Pro Tempore with DARE Volunteer!

Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and R.I. NAACP Chapter President Jim Vincent.

32 Amazing Years of Service!

Community advocate Justice Gaines and President Pro Tempore Michael Correia.

Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and Senator Harold Metts.

A great turnout to celebrate DARE!

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune, her daughter, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris, and Ms. Patty a longtime DARE member and volunteer.

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune and her daughter with some of the folks from Trinity Rep!

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