LGBTQIA+ Pride Month Exhibit 2020

The Providence City Archives and the Providence City Council are pleased to present the City’s first LGBTQIA+ Pride Month Exhibit. With the help of Rhode Island Pride, Ray Rickman and Robb Dimmick, Providence Journal articles, and your personal stories, we are able to build the Archives’ first collection dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community of Providence. 

Why do the City Archives need an LGBTQIA+ collection? Simply put, it belongs here. In 2019, Providence Pride was recognized by National Geographic as one of the top Pride Festivals in the world. Yes, the world. In a list that included New York City, Puerto Vallarta, Amsterdam, Sydney, Dublin, and Toronto, Lil’ Rhody’s capital city stood out for it’s small-town vibe, big-gay-feels culture, it’s night parade, and the immense growth that’s been seen since the first parade in 1976.

If you would like to add your story to our Public Memory Project, please contact Shaina Weintraub at

Additional Resources

Live LGBTQIA+ Roundtable discussion on May 4th: Interview’s Shaina Weintraub:
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