Joe Pari


The memory I would like to share is from the first Providence Gay Pride Parades I walked in with my partner, Richard Davia and our dog B. It was the first of many Providence Gay Pride Parades that I would march. My company TEN31 often participates in the parade, however this first time was for me the sweetest and most dear to my heart. It was shortly after the Mall opened and the Parade was staged around the State house and made it was way passed the Mall. We went down to watch but just decided to join in and march with our first dog, a rescued golden cocker spaniel. When we walked past the Mall, the crowds were multiple people deep and the love and applause from everyone still brings tears to my eyes. It was so fulfilling for us – having just started our lives together. Over 20 years later, we continue to make Providence our home and treasure our Pride Parade and Fest, this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Parade is cancelled. It has always been a treasured tradition for us – it will be difficult not to be able to join, meet and celebrate with our community in this way. We look forward to the day that once again we can march together. Joe Pari Providence Resident Photos included show Joe Pari and his partner Richard Davia having fun in their beloved city, Providence, RI


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