Ward 12

Councilwoman Katherine Kerwin

Councilwoman Kat (Katherine) Kerwin was elected to the City Council in 2018. She represents Ward 12 which includes the majority of the Smith Hill neighborhood, downtown, and parts of the East Side, Elmhurst, and Valley.



Ward 12: Smith HIll, Valley, and Capital Center

Ward 12 includes the neighborhoods of Smith Hill, portions of Valley, and Capital Center. Located northwest of the city center, Smith HIll is bound by three of the city's rivers: the Woonasquatucket, Moshassuck, and West rivers. This neighborhood was once the home of many industrial mills that relied on the rivers to provide power to their mill wheels. Roger WIlliams Medical Center is located off Chalkstone Ave in Valley. The Capital Center (located off Smith street, one this ward's main roads) is where the Rhode Island State House, and many of the state's administrative offices can be found. It's also where you'll find the Amtrak/MBTA train station, Providence Place Mall, and Providence River, where the Water Fire lighting ceremony begins and ends.

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Statement from Senior Deputy Majority Leader Terrence M. Hassett

I have had the privilege and honor to serve the residents of Smith Hill and Ward 12 for 21-years. Over these last few months, I have had the chance to speak to many old and new friends who have shared so many kind words about me and my long career as a Councilman.  And on this past Thursday, I was overwhelmed by the support and kind words spoken by my colleagues on the City Council.

As I look back on my career, and during this holiday season, I am reminded of a line from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, “No man is a failure who has friends.” And I have been blessed beyond measure with many wonderful friends.

And as I close out this chapter of my life, I say thank you to my constituents for having so much faith in me for these past 21-years, to my colleagues on the Council both past and present for their support and keeping me on my toes, and to my friends and family for their unending love.

Merry Christmas!

—Terrence M. Hassett, Senior Deputy Majority Leader, Providence City Council

Councilman Terrence Hassett Announces Public Hearing for Hope Point Tower

Senior Deputy Majority Leader Terrence Hassett, Chairman of the Committee on Ordinances, has announced that the Committee will hold a public hearing on the Hope Point Tower on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 5:30 PM in the City Council Chambers.

“A 300 Million Dollar investment in the City of Providence is a once in a generation opportunity, and I strongly believe that the Council has a fiduciary responsibility to allow the developer a chance to testify before this body,” stated Senior Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of the Committee on Ordinances Terrence Hassett. “The Committee has heard a great deal of testimony both for and against this project, but one voice was missing, and that didn’t seem right to me. I asked my colleagues on the Council to send it back to Committee so that we could have the opportunity to hear from Mr. Fane and his associates so that we may better inform our vote.”

If any person wishes to make a public comment they are asked to sign in before the 5:30 PM meeting start time.  The Chambers will open on or around 5:00 PM and sign-ups will begin at the same time.

Constituents who are unable to attend the public hearing may provide written testimony by mail or email to Lori L. Hagen, City Clerk: lhagen@providenceri.govor City Clerk, 25 Dorrance Street, Room 311, Providence, RI 02903. (Please note, if you submit written testimony you are not required to appear or read your testimony at the public hearing.)

Offices and City Council Chambers are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  If you are in need of interpreter services for the hearing impaired, please contact the Office of Neighborhood Services at 421-7768 not less than 48 hours in advance of the hearing date.

Providence City Council Committee on Finance Sends Fiscal Year 2019 Budget to Council for Vote

Fiscally responsible budget holds the line on taxes, implements public safety enhancement programs, preserves historical assets, improves quality of life in every Providence neighborhood

The Providence City Council Committee on Finance tonight voted approve the recommendation of the FY2019 $748 Million city budget, which is now forwarded to the City Council for passage.

The budget is the result of collaboration between the City Council and City Administration with the ultimate goal of producing a fiscally responsible budget that includes no tax increases; invests in schools, safety and neighborhoods; enhances public safety; preserves significant historical assets; and improves the quality of life in every Providence neighborhood.

“I am pleased to announce that we are holding the line on tax increases, ensuring that our yearly fiduciary responsibility to the pension fund is met in full, and investing in quality of life initiatives to benefit all Providence neighborhoods – like the Council’s initiative to save the Federal Hill fountain located in DePasquale Plaza,” said Committee on Finance Chairman and Council Majority Leader John Igliozzi. “I am grateful for the hard work of the Finance Committee and for the cooperation of every City department that sat before us.  The budget process is not easy, sometimes even contentious; but in the end we all want the same thing – a budget that efficiently and effectively utilizes taxpayer dollars and serves the people of Providence – and we believe we have achieved that end.”

“The review and passage of the budget is one of the most important duties of the City Council, and this budget prioritizes spending to support our public schools and enhance safety and quality of life in all city neighborhoods,” stated Council President David A. Salvatore. “Every year the Committee on Finance is tasked with reviewing the budget and ensuring that it serves the constituents of our city. The process is inclusive and I am proud of the way this body has worked to ensure those principles.”

Council-led budget initiatives include:

Holding the line on all tax rates, providing residents and business owners with the certainty they need to prosper.

No less than 35% of the revenue garnered from portable speed camera violations will be used on school safety and other traffic calming measures. The goal of the speed cameras was always to make Providence streets and schools safer, and the City Council has made this a priority.

Restored Neighborhood Infrastructure Fund (NIF) to help ensure that any unexpected brick and mortar projects that arise in FY 2019 can be addressed. This fund has a positive impact on our neighborhoods and helps to improve the quality of life for all residents of Providence.

Enhancing the quality of life in Providence neighborhoods and improving city services through infrastructure improvements, public safety initiatives, and school and parks improvements.

Saving, preserving and maintaining Providence’s beloved historical landmarks, including the fountain in Federal Hill’s DePasquale Plaza, as well as other significant monuments throughout the City.

Bringing the City’s original charter back to City Hall for display to the public, as well as ensuring the preservation of important historical City artifacts.

The City Council will hold special meetings on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, where the budget will receive its first vote from the Council. Once passed, the second and final vote will take place on Friday, June 22, 2018.

The Council’s Committee on Finance is comprised of:

Majority Leader John J. Igliozzi, Chair

Senior Deputy Majority Leader Terrence M. Hassett, Vice Chair

Council President Pro Tempore Sabina Matos

Majority Whip Jo-Ann Ryan

Councilwoman Carmen Castillo

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