Council President Pro Tempore Pedro Espinal Defends Shoreline Access on Public Street

Jul 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Council President Pro Tempore Pedro Espinal is calling on the Costal Resources Management Committee (CRMC) to designate a public right of way to the shoreline located on a portion of Public Street in Providence. At the July 15th City Council meeting, Pro Tempore Espinal introduced a resolution urging the CRMC to protect this shoreline access point. The CRMC will be meeting on Tuesday July 27th to vote on the matter.

“Access to the shoreline is a historically important and legally protected right for all Rhode Islanders. Here in the Ocean State, it is imperative that state and local governments continue to enforce the public’s right to access our shorelines,” stated Council President Pro Tempore Espinal.

Recently, a section of Public Street has come into question as to whether or not the area is designated as a right of way for purposes of shoreline access. The CRMC is now in the process of considering a formal designation of Public Street as an official right of way. Pro Tempore Espinal’s resolution supports and endorses this designation to further codify public shoreline access.

“One of the best things about living in Rhode Island is the proximity to our beautiful shorelines. Every Rhode Islander has a right to access the water, for productive and recreational purposes. In urban areas, public access to the coast is often limited by development or environmental hazards. I call on the Coastal Resource Management Council to protect this right on Public Street and throughout the state,” added Council President Pro Tempore Espinal.

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