Statement from Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris

Sep 9, 2019 | 0 comments

Today, for the first time, I was made aware of an ongoing plan to create a nightclub district bordering my ward. This idea, championed by Dylan Conley, chair of our City’s Board of Licenses, and supported by a couple of my colleagues, is concerning to say the least. Even more disappointing is the fact that my neighbors and I have been left out of the conversation leading up to the big announcements over the weekend and this morning.

Surely, the next Councilor from Ward 10 (where this district is being considered) should’ve had a say before this type of proposal went public. Undeniably, our families and business owners are often taken for granted when grand developments are envisioned in our community.

Too often, the Southside is used as a dumping ground for the ideas no one else is willing to house in their own backyards. While homeless shelters, social service agencies, and rehab centers (just to name a few) are all worthwhile investments, why is it always the Southside community that has to compromise quality of life for the better good?

My neighbors and families deserve better than the treatment they’re too often afforded. This idea, like too many others, devalues our voice and assumes indifference. I’m hoping to learn more about this nightclub district proposal in the coming days and hope that my constituents are formally invited to the table.

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