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Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune

Councilwoman Nirva R. LaFortune is a Providence City Council Member representing the city’s third ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Mount Hope, Hope Village (Summit), Collyer Park and Blackstone. She is the first Haitian American to hold elected office in the state of Rhode Island.

Since joining the council following a special election in August 2017, Councilwoman LaFortune has served as the Vice Chair of the Special Committee on Education.



Ward 3: Mount Hope, Hope Village (Summit), Collyer Park, and Blackstone

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Celebrating 32 Years of DARE

Council President Sabina Matos helps to celebrate 32 great years of DARE!

Iasha Hall community volunteer celebrating the great work of DARE!

Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and Councilman President Pro Tempore with DARE Volunteer!

Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and R.I. NAACP Chapter President Jim Vincent.

32 Amazing Years of Service!

Community advocate Justice Gaines and President Pro Tempore Michael Correia.

Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and Senator Harold Metts.

A great turnout to celebrate DARE!

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune, her daughter, Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris, and Ms. Patty a longtime DARE member and volunteer.

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune and her daughter with some of the folks from Trinity Rep!

Statement from Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune Regarding Hate Speech in Providence

Over the past year there have been several incidents of racist and white nationalist propaganda being shared in our community, and today I have learned of another incident in my neighborhood.

These messages are sometimes opaque and not easily recognizable. They may otherwise seem harmless, but they will not go unnoticed by my neighbors, who I was elected to represent, or by me. Our community is diverse, open, and welcoming, and this rhetoric is not and will not be tolerated. Simply put: there is no place for hate here in Providence.

I won’t share the image and I won’t say where it was, but I will say as soon as it was brought to my attention, my colleagues in government reacted swiftly to remove this vile message from our community. I will never stand in the way of free speech, but I will gladly stand up and speak out against hate speech, even when it’s not always recognizable.

To those who would share this vitriolic message in our community, I pray for you. I pray that during this special holiday season, which is meant to be filled with family, love, and brotherhood, that your hatred melts away, and that acceptance and love for your neighbors fill that part of your hearts.

— Nirva R. LaFortune, Councilwoman – Ward Three


Councilwoman LaFortune Speaks at Providence Student Union Gathering at City Hall

Providence Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune spoke at a gathering of Providence Student Union members and their supporters at City Hall earlier today.

“Our city has an obligation to provide for the health and safety of our students in many different ways,” stated Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune. “Unfortunately, our students have let us know that there is still much work to be done. I look forward to working with all parties involved, including Providence Student Union and Providence Public Safety, to submit an ordinance that addresses the Providence Student Union’s concerns and invests in a holistic strategy for student health and safety.”

Councilwoman LaFortune’s ordinance will include language to address many of the students’ concerns around school safety, including measures to protect students from incidents of violence, create lines of engagement with administrators and public safety personnel, and address their concerns regarding over-policing of students, especially students of color.

LaFortune continued, “This is the beginning of a larger conversation that policy makers, elected officials, and the school department need to have with the students we serve. The students are the ones that are affected by the policies we put forth, but are often not included in the discussion. It’s my goal to ensure that these students, through Providence Student Union, have a voice and a seat at the table going forward.”

Councilwoman LaFortune represents Ward Three in the East Side of Providence and will start her first full term in January 2018.

For more information, visit us on the web at council.providenceri.gov.

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