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Councilwoman Helen Anthony

Councilwoman Helen Anthony represents Ward 2, which consists of the Blackstone, College Hill and Wayland neighborhoods. Councilwoman Anthony currently works as a land use attorney at Handy Law, LLC; she served on the Providence Zoning Board of Appeals and was sworn into the City Council in 2019. She currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Finance, and a member of the Committee on Claims and Pending Suits, and the Rules Committee. 


Ward 2: Blackstone, College Hill, Wayland

Ward 2 is comprised of 3 neighborhoods; Blackstone, College Hill and Wayland. This area was the location of the first colonial settlement in Rhode Island by Roger Williams in the seventeenth Century and the area was further developed by Chad Brown in the nineteenth century.  Now, Ward 2 is home to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design as well as an impressive collection of historically preserved eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture including the Ladd Observatory and the Providence Athenaeum. Ward 2 boasts the Roger Williams National Memorial, the RISD Museum and the Blackstone Conservation District as just a few of its many attractions.

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