Protection in the Work Place

Here is a great resource of what you may or may not qualify for, and how to apply as published by WPRI News.

  1. If you need to stay home because of COVID-19, there are resources for you. Please DO NOT go into work if you are sick. Click here for the various resources available, including paid sick leave, unemployment benefits and options for undocumented immigrants.
  2. If you lost a job due to COVID-19 or you are unemployed, the State has launched a new website to match employees with companies that are hiring:
  3. If you have lost work or have to stay home because of COVID-19, the state may be able to help: Workplace Aid 
  4. If you are quarantined with COVID-19 you can apply for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI): TDI Application
  5. If the place where you work closes or your employer tells you that you must stay home without pay, you may be able to collect Unemployment Insurance if you can please fill out the form online and not call the office as it slows down processing of checks: File an Unemployment Claim
  6. Rhode Islanders have a right to paid sick time as passed by the General Assembly in 2018. Use them: Paid Sick Leave Fact Sheet
  7. Are you a member of the RI AFL-CIO? Here’s a comprehensive guide of resources if you are out of work and other benefits: AFL-CIO
  8. Here is a helpful flyer showing how you can stay safe and healthy at work: Eng Esp