Statement from Councilman Oscar Vargas Regarding 6/10 Interchange Project

Jan 20, 2023

“I would like to thank Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha for his diligent work bringing charges against Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. and a former employee for dumping illegal waste on the 6/10 interchange construction project. Our neighborhood is not a dumping ground and I hope the individuals alleged to have committed these irresponsible and negligent environmental crimes are met with justice. Olneyville has long suffered from poor community health outcomes, and the reckless actions of wealthy corporations only exacerbates this issue. During his tenure, Attorney General Neronha has fought to protect all Rhode Islanders from consumer crimes, environmental crimes, and threats to public safety. I applaud his continued efforts and look forward to working together towards a safer and healthier Providence for all,” said Councilman Vargas (Ward 15).