Statement from Providence City Council President John Igliozzi

Aug 5, 2022 | 0 comments

“Today, the mayor has indicated he will veto the Council’s approved resolution, which would place 10 ballot questions in front of Providence voters this November – including the decision to create a hybrid school board of elected and appointed members.

The mayor’s reckless actions are precisely why the city needs a hybrid school board. City residents should not be beholden to one person making unilateral decisions. A hybrid school board promotes more community involvement and more representation from all our neighborhoods.

While the mayor focuses on a single ballot question, his veto collectively will destroy seven months of hard work and late nights put in by the Charter Review Commission, including four of his appointees. The Commission meets every 10 years. Why not let the people of Providence decide? The mayor is denying residents the right to vote by circumventing democracy.

The City Council will consider an override of the veto during a special meeting next week.”

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