Solicitor’s Office Hires Prosecutor for Upcoming Section 403 Hearing to Remove City Clerk Shawn Selleck from Office

Nov 1, 2021 | 0 comments

The Providence City Solicitor’s Office has hired Lauren V. Iannelli, Esq. to serve as prosecutor in the upcoming Providence Home Rule Charter Section 403 hearing to remove City Clerk Shawn Selleck from office for creating a toxic work environment and multiple violations of the City’s Code of Conduct.

Lauren Iannelli served for six years as a Special Assistant Attorney General in the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office where she handled hundreds of cases in District Court, Family Court, Superior Court and the Traffic Tribunal. She is currently an attorney in private practice with the firm of Inman & Tourgee.

On October 7th, the Providence City Council voted unanimously to approve a Section 403 resolution to bring charges against City Clerk Shawn Selleck, and to seek his suspension or removal from office. The resolution charges Mr. Selleck with the following:

• Violations of the City Code of Conduct
• Violations of the City Anti-bullying Policy
• Violations of the City Anti-harassment Policy
• Violations of the City Workplace Violence Policy
• Creation of a Toxic Work Environment
• Inappropriate Management

The charges contained in the resolution are based on an independent investigation conducted by respected employment and labor attorney Carly Iafrate, which determined Mr. Selleck violated the City’s Code of Conduct, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment, and Workforce Violence policies through a pattern of bullying, confrontational, and intimidating behavior that created a toxic work environment within the City Clerk’s office.

Pursuant to Section 403, the City Council will call a public hearing in November to weigh the charges and vote on the suspension or removal of the City Clerk (two-thirds vote of the Council required).

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