Council President Igliozzi & Councilwoman Ryan Commend Providence Police for Crackdown on ATVs

Aug 31, 2021 | 0 comments

30 ATVs confiscated in just the last two weeks, since Igliozzi and Ryan called for enforcement of the City Council’s ATV ordinances

City Council President John Igliozzi (Ward 7) and Councilwoman and Finance Chair Jo-Ann Ryan (Ward 5) are commending the Providence Police Department for cracking down on illegal ATVs, which led to the seizure of 30 ATVs over just the last two weeks.

“Nearly three weeks ago, I called a special session of the Providence City Council to address crime including roving gangs of illegal ATVs that have been terrorizing our neighborhoods,” said Council President Igliozzi. “At that hearing, I called for immediate action to enforce existing City Council ordinances designed to stop these illegal vehicles. That is why I am so pleased to see the reports that 30 ATVs have been confiscated in just the last two weeks. This is an impressive increase in enforcement given that over the past 4 years, only approximately 50 ATVs have been confiscated each year. I want to thank the Providence Police Department and our dedicated police officers for their work on this important public safety and quality of life issue, and for permanently removing 30 more illegal ATVs from our streets.”

“Out of control ATV gangs have been thumbing their nose at our laws and causing fear in our neighborhoods for far too long. In 2017 I drafted and enacted legislation to keep dangerous ATVs off our City streets. In doing so, my Council colleagues and I created a clear, legal framework that prohibited the operation of illegal ATVs and gave the Providence Police Department the power to seize and destroy any ATVs operating illegally. I want to thank the Providence Police Department for recently confiscating 30 of these illegal vehicles and responding to our call for enforcement,” said Councilwoman Ryan. “While there is more to be done, this is real and immediate action to enforce ordinances already passed by the City Council to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

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