Statement from Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan Regarding Arrest of Individual who Shot at Providence Police Officer

Aug 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Early this morning, my neighbors and I were alerted to a shelter-in-place order due to a domestic abuse situation that led to the assailant firing gunshots at a police officer, and then barricading himself inside a house.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Providence Police Department, who worked diligently to keep residents in my neighborhood safe, and apprehended this armed and dangerous individual without any injuries or loss of life. Officers demonstrated their professionalism and training, and effectively protected the public’s safety. They secured the scene, kept residents safe in their homes, and arrested the suspect without firing a single shot. I commend their great work. I also want to thank our partners in state law enforcement who provided the additional equipment necessary to bring the standoff to a safe resolution.

This was a terrifying situation for my neighbors, as well as for everyone involved in the incident, and it highlights the urgency of our city’s current crime crisis. I am beyond grateful that nobody was injured, including the officer who was shot at while in the line of duty. I will continue collaborating with the Providence Police to put a stop to the current crime wave and to provide them with the resources necessary to protect the public.

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