Statement from Councilman Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. Regarding Violence in City of Providence

Aug 5, 2021 | 0 comments

I am appalled by the overwhelming surge of violence that has taken over our city. It has gotten to the point where everyday citizens do not feel safe walking on the street or even driving in their cars.

For years, I have been calling on the Mayoral administration and my council colleagues to support our police force. We must give the police the tools they need to keep our city safe, and we must fund another police academy as soon as possible.

Without a robust and well-prepared police force, who will residents call when they are they victims of or witnesses to the violent crimes constantly occurring in our city?

The City Council has instituted ordinances that are meant to keep ATVs off of our streets. The City must enforce these laws to finally remove these dangerous and illegal vehicles from the streets. The safety of drivers, pedestrians and innocent bystanders are seriously at risk. The City has the legal groundwork to put a stop to this, yet the problem persists because the laws are not enforced.

Providence residents should not be forced to live in constant fear of violence, crime and reckless behavior. I am calling on the City and my Council colleagues to join me in supporting the expansion of law enforcement by increasing our police force and more strictly enforcing City laws intended to keep residents safe.

How many more injuries, how many more violent crimes, how many more lives have to be lost, before change is made? We must act now.

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