Statement from Councilman Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. Regarding Last Night’s Altercation

Jul 29, 2021 | 0 comments

I was embarrassed to watch as the Mayor of our city provoked an inappropriate altercation between himself and Governor McKee.

As an elected official, I hold my government colleagues to a high standard of professionalism, especially at community events that are meant to be joyful and positive.

While I understand that many of us often feel passionately about the issues we advocate for, raised voices and aggressive behavior will never result in productive change.

I was extremely disappointed in Mayor Elorza’s behavior last night, and moving forward I hope that all elected leaders in our city will remember that we have been elected by Providence residents to care for our great city, and this behavior is a disservice to those we represent.

Nicholas J. Narducci Jr.
Councilman, Ward 4
Senior Deputy Majority Leader, Providence City Council

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