Statement from Council President Pro Tempore Pedro Espinal Regarding Echo Village

Jul 22, 2021 | 0 comments

In recent weeks, I have heard resounding concerns from members of my community regarding the Emergency COVID Housing Opportunity (ECHO) Village proposal that may be located at 545 Prairie Avenue in South Providence.

While the House of Hope Community Development Center’s efforts to build a homeless shelter is noble and necessary, I share my neighbors’ deep concern that this location is not appropriate for this development.

This homeless shelter is yet another matter which disproportionally affects the residents of South Providence. This neighborhood is constantly facing new threats to public health and safety. From the proposed garbage transfer station in 2020, to the more recent proposal to expand storage of liquid propane gas in the Port of Providence, why must South Providence continue fighting these battles?

While I believe that homeless shelters are needed in our city, I do not believe that building a shelter in close proximity to several schools, in a neighborhood with a number of other serious quality of life issues, is appropriate.

I sent the attached letter to House of Hope, further outlining my thoughts on this matter. This evening, I will be attending a community meeting along with other elected officials and community members to further discuss the ECHO Village proposal with House of Hope.

To read the letter, click here: Echo Village Letter


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