Joint Statement from Councilman John Goncalves and Councilwoman Helen Anthony Regarding Brown University’s Dormitory Development

Jul 12, 2021 | 0 comments

After months of community discussion, frequent correspondence, and widespread neighborhood advocacy, it is deeply disappointing to learn that Brown University has rejected the actionable requests presented by over a thousand community members and petitioners regarding the University’s proposed Brook Street dormitory development.

We, and members of the community, appreciate Brown’s vested interest in having more students live on campus to alleviate local neighborhood and housing concerns. We believe that moving 350 students back onto campus, while not raising undergraduate enrollment, is a commendable goal.

While we appreciate Brown University’s various meetings with local stakeholders, we believe that Brown University has undermined its commitment to meaningful engagement with neighbors given the fact that it was unwilling to revise its plans to reflect the desires of over a thousand community members, neighborhood residents and stakeholders.

Moving forward, we remain hopeful and look forward to Brown University and President Paxson having a truly collaborative, robust, and more meaningful dialogue with the neighbors of the East Side.

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John Goncalves
Councilman, Ward 1

Helen Anthony, ESQ
Councilor, Ward 2

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