North End Outreach Association to Host Community Football Game

May 4, 2021 | 0 comments

On Thursday, May 6 the North End Outreach Association will be hosting a community football game at Davis Park at 6:00 PM. The football game is a part of the work that the North End Outreach Association has been doing to address the deeply rooted issue of violence in the community. The North End Sea Hawks will be facing the Mt. Hope Cowboys.

“The North End Outreach Association does great work to foster productive and empowering community engagement. Too many young people in our City are brought up surrounded by violence and conflict. This football program is a great initiative to encourage camaraderie and rewarding pastimes in our neighborhood. I am especially grateful to Chester DeWitt who works every day to bring health, growth and safety to our community,” stated Councilwoman Kat Kerwin (Ward 12).

Comprised of current and former residents of the Chad Brown and North End Neighborhoods; the North End Outreach Association aims to positively impact the community through service and leadership such as community food drives, holiday functions and sporting events. The Association works at the ground level to connect residents with needed resources that address relevant community needs such as food security and local youth programming.

“I am looking forward to this football game as a chance to encourage our kids to be active, competitive and connected with one another in a way that is healthy and safe. Youth programming like athletics is an important way to keep our community engaged and prevent our youth from turning to more dangerous alternatives in their free time,” added Chester DeWitt of the North End Outreach Association.

The City Council and local organizations like the North End Outreach Association continue to work to steer City youth away from local violence and create City programming that keeps young people safe, active and immersed in their community.

“Some have to ask themselves ‘why do they coach’. I coach because I love mentoring our youth and I vow make change. If we properly educate our children we can end all the madness in this world, especially local violence. Football is just a carrot. Once you have there attention, we can begin properly educating our youth,” stated Mt. Hope Cowboys Head Coach Nadim Robinson.

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