Providence City Council President John J. Igliozzi Esq. Announces City Council Staff Restructuring

Apr 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Council President John J. Igliozzi Esq. (Ward 7) today announced several changes to the Providence City Council’s administrative office structure as his transition into the office of Council President continues.

“The City Council’s administrative office provides essential City services to our constituents, to all fifteen Council members, and local media outlets. To best serve the City of Providence, the Council Office must operate in a way that is efficient, sustainable, and productive. In my role as Council President, I am prioritizing creating a constructive and dynamic workplace for the many staff members who work hard every day to serve the City Council and our constituents,” stated Council President John J. Igliozzi Esq.

James J. Lombardi III will be acting in the role of Chief of Staff to the Council office. He also serves as the City Treasurer to the City of Providence and is closely acquainted with Council staff and operations. He will be leading the Council staff through the restructuring process and the eventual return to a full-time in-office work schedule.

“During this period of transition, I am committed to ensuring that all Council staff members have access to the resources and assistance that they need to best serve the City Council and Providence residents. City service can often be strenuous work, but I am confident that with the leadership of Council President Igliozzi and myself, our office will evolve to better serve our constituency,” added James J. Lombardi III.

Yvonne Graf will be brought on as the Senior Deputy Chief of Staff. Ms. Graf has an impressive knowledge and understanding of city government as well as all aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the legislative branch and will bring additional resources in legislative affairs, policy, and communications. She has previously served the Providence City Council as and acting Chief of Staff and as the Director of Legislative Affairs and Communications. Most recently Ms. Graf worked for the Providence Public School District as the School Board Policy Advisor and Director of Policy and Planning.

Additionally, Mary Lee Dixon will serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff leading the constituent services team, Sean Bouchard Esq. will be promoted to the Deputy Chief of Staff leading the Policy Department. Both Ms. Dixon and Mr. Bouchard have extensive experience in City services with the City Council and these new roles will create a more structured and productive office atmosphere.

The Council office is actively working to expand its capacity for constituent services and City communications as more in-person interaction becomes a possibility in the coming months. As this restructuring moves forward, the City Council remains committed providing the highest quality of service and representation to all residents in all neighborhoods of the City of Providence.

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