Councilman John J. Igliozzi, Esq. Elected Providence City Council President

Apr 14, 2021 | 0 comments

At a special meeting of the Providence City Council, Councilman John J. Igliozzi, Esq. (Ward 7), was elected by the majority of his peers to serve as the body’s President. In addition, the Council also elected Councilman Pedro Espinal (Ward 10) as Council President Pro Tempore. Each will hold this position for the remainder of this current term which will conclude in January of 2023.

“I want to thank my colleagues for putting their support in me during this time of transition. As the longest-serving member of the Council, I want to ensure that when many of us step down in 2023 that there is not only a transfer of power but a transfer of institutional knowledge. In my capacity as Council President, I plan to work every day to ensure that the City Council continues the important work of creating a stronger and fiscally stable Providence. We are committed to advocating for new jobs, new development, affordable housing, and ensuring that the essential quality of life services that our taxpayers expect is further enhanced. I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to congratulate our outgoing Council President Sabina Matos, who today was approved by the Rhode Island Senate to serve as our State’s next Lieutenant Governor. We wish her well and are grateful for her service to the Council,” stated Council President Igliozzi.

During his time on the Council, President Igliozzi has been laser-focused on the myriad of fiscal issues that Providence has faced and has worked to improve his residents’ everyday quality of life. He has served as the Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Finance since 2007 and has been a staunch advocate for tax and pension reform – both before and during his time as Chairman. He has also served as a member of several committees and commissions during his more than two decades-long tenure.

Council President Igliozzi has represented the Hartford and Silver Lake neighborhoods of Providence since 1997. He is a lifelong resident of Silver Lake and is deeply entrenched in his community. During his time in public service, he has spearheaded and allocated funding for several major community infrastructure and quality of life enhancements for the residents of Ward 7. These projects include thousands of initiatives from roads, sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, and two new schools. He was instrumental in bringing Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Elementary School, a highly ranked charter school, to the Silver Lake neighborhood. President Igliozzi has also made significant investments in community resources such as the Reading Express Library at the Silver Lake Community Center, neighborhood water parks, playgrounds, the first skateboard park in Providence, and the soccer field’s modernization at Merino Park – now home to the Capitol Youth Soccer League.
In his professional life, Council President Igliozzi is an attorney. His family has a long history of public service, beginning with his late father Vincent, who served as Chairman of the 7th Ward Committee, his late mother Dolores, who served on the Rhode Island State Democratic Committee, his sister Angelica, and his brother and former Councilman, Judge David Igliozzi. He is the proud father of two sons, both of whom still live in the same Silver Lake neighborhood where President Igliozzi grew up.

The Council also elected Councilman Pedro Espinal as Council President Pro Tempore. The President Pro Tempore serves as acting President in the absence of the Council President.

“I am honored that my colleagues have entrusted me to carry out this new role. The Council is at an inflection point, and there is much to be done. I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of not only my community but for all the residents of Providence. We have endured so much in the past year, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am committed to working together with my Council colleagues to address the many issues our City is facing – from getting our residents vaccinated, making affordable housing a priority, and working to end food insecurity in our City. As Councilors, we are often the ones that our residents reach out to when they need help, and many of those requests are quality of life of issues. Together this body will address the most pressing needs of our residents, and I look forward to the work ahead,” stated Council President Pro Tempore Pedro Espinal.

President Pro Tempore Pedro Espinal was elected in 2019 to serve the South Providence and Washington Park neighborhoods of Providence. Pro Tem Espinal has been an advocate for his residents. In his tenure on the Council, he has spearheaded several important pieces of legislation to ensure green and vital initiatives in the Port of Providence, amongst other quality of life issues. He has been a resident of Providence since 1978 and lives in the Washington Park neighborhood with his family.

Also, Council President Igliozzi has named City Treasurer James Lombardi III, Esq., CPA, to serve as the Acting Chief of Staff of the Providence City Council. In addition to his role as City Treasurer, Mr. Lombardi will manage the City Council staff and departments’ day-to-day operations. In addition to the Council’s administrative office, the City Council oversees the Treasury Department, Office of the Internal Auditor, Probate Court, Municipal Court, Providence City Archives, and the City Clerks Department.

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