Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune Seeks Input from Providence Residents on Use of $130 Million in Expected Stimulus Funds through Citywide Survey

Mar 29, 2021 | 0 comments

The Councilwoman Urges Residents to Respond and Share Survey through Social Media with Friends and Family

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune (Ward 3) today has launched a survey requesting input from Providence residents on the use of $130 million in federal stimulus funds expected to be delivered to the City. The survey, created in both English and Spanish, can be found below.

“I have heard a lot of recommendations as to how Providence should spend these federal stimulus funds. This is an enormous amount of money and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Providence. I believe residents of Providence should have clear and strong input as to how this money gets spent,” said Councilwoman LaFortune. “The key to getting answers from our city’s residents is simple: just take the time to ask them and listen to what they say. I hope residents from across the city will fill out this survey and make their voices heard.”

The survey contains eight questions and should take less than five minutes to fill out. It seeks responses in multiple areas and asks people what is most important and perhaps not so important to them. The survey also provides a place for residents to indicate their own ideas on spending the funds. The Councilwoman asked that residents fill out the survey by April 15, 2021.

“People across Providence have suffered in different ways for different reasons during this pandemic. The loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a once-vibrant business, the inability to access food, or the challenge of dealing with mental health issues, evictions, or at-home schooling have all weighed heavily on the people in our city. Now, our city is presented with an opportunity to begin to recover. The important thing to prioritize is a recovery that benefits the people of Providence.

“I urge residents to complete the survey and to share it with friends and family. The more input we receive, the more representative our decisions will be,” Councilwoman LaFortune concluded.

Links to the survey are below:

English version:

Spanish version:

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