Statement from City Council President Sabina Matos Regarding the Christmas Day Nashville Bombing

Dec 28, 2020 | 0 comments

What happened in Nashville on Christmas day is a strong reminder that events like that can happen anywhere. We must remain vigilant, and remember if you see something, to say something.

I extend my sympathies to the eight individuals that were harmed in the blast, along with more than 40 businesses that sustained damage from the explosion. I am thankful to the brave men and women of the Nashville Police, Fire, and Emergency Management Departments for how quickly they acted to protect the lives of so many.

Mayor John Cooper, and my counterpart on the Metropolitan Council, Vice Mayor Jim Shulman, thank you for your leadership during this difficult time. Many of us across the country have lost so much due to the ongoing global pandemic, and to have this happen on Christmas day is such a tragedy.

On behalf of my colleagues here in Providence, RI please know that we are thinking and praying for all of Nashville.

Sabina Matos

President-Providence City Council

Councilwoman-Ward 15

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