Statement from Councilor David A. Salvatore Regarding the Weapon Seized at Corliss Park

Nov 2, 2020 | 0 comments

I want to thank the Providence Police Department for removing another AR-15 assault rifle off our city’s streets. On Friday evening, Providence officers confiscated the rifle, a fully loaded magazine, and drugs from a group of individuals in Corliss Park. Just a few weeks ago, a homicide took place in broad daylight there. This recent example of excellent police work averted another senseless tragedy in our community.

My concern has been and continues to be for the residents in our neighborhoods who are living in fear due to the uptick in violent crime. I recently joined local and state leaders to meet with North End and Elmhurst residents. The refrain has been the same – when and how will the violence end?

The answer to those questions is not simple, and there is no blanket answer. It is nuanced and takes leadership at all levels to make a difference. While it is difficult to completely stop violent crimes from occurring, there is work we can do to mitigate it. I once again call on our federal and state leaders to put advocacy and the safety of our families above the powerful gun lobby.

We are lucky in Rhode Island to have a dedicated federal delegation who is in support of sensible gun safety legislation, but they are only four votes. The members of our General Assembly have advocated for stronger ,clear and better gun legislation, but there is still work left to do.

I want to remind our leaders that Corliss Park is not a desolate or isolated space. The area includes the Rhode Island School for the Deaf, and is near to Independence House—a home for the disabled, and countless residential properties filled with families of all ages. I will be calling for a meeting with leaders from the School for the Deaf, the Providence Parks Department, and the Providence Police Department to discuss and implement tangible changes so that our residents can live in their neighborhood without fear.

David A. Salvatore
Providence City Council
Councilor – Ward 14

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