Statement from Councilor David A. Salvatore Regarding Another Incident of Gun Violence in the Wanskuck Neighborhood

Oct 14, 2020 | 0 comments

Tonight, many of us are angered and shocked to hear the news of another incident of violence in our City. The reports of multiple shootings outside of the Rhode Island School for the Deaf in the area of Corliss Park late this afternoon should be alarming to residents, city leaders, and public safety officials. We need more police presence in the North End, and I have been in contact with the Providence Police Department asking them to increase patrols both on foot and by cruisers.

This senseless shooting did not just occur by a park and school, but also by Independence House, an affordable housing complex for people with disabilities. Had today been a warm and sunny day, this could have impacted children in the park and residents enjoying the fall weather.

I will keep residents updated as I know more and will work with community members and our police department to address these this recent uptick in violence we are facing.

David A. Salvatore
Providence City Council
Councilor – Ward 14

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