Statement from Councilor David Salvatore Regarding National Grid and their Failure to Repair Admiral Street

Aug 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Several years ago, the City of Providence asked taxpayers to borrow $40 million to repave some of our worst roads. Included in the road improvement program was Admiral Street, which was repaved by the City of Providence. In short order, National Grid completely destroyed the street. I have been asking politely for years that National Grid fix the street that they have torn up repeatedly.
If this were a City issue, I would have had it fixed the day it happened. National Grid has an obligation to fix this street, and after years of me asking and demanding, they must comply.
When the City Council returns in September, I will be introducing a resolution demanding that the City of Providence cease issuing National Grid permits to conduct work on our streets until they repair the damage they have caused.
Per their permit agreement with the City, National Grid is required to return streets that are opened to their original composition. Admiral Street was newly repaved when they first began the work there, and I expect nothing less than a curb to curb complete re-pavement from beginning to end.
David A. Salvatore
Providence City Council
Councilor – Ward 14
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