Providence Police and Fire Departments along with the RI State Fire Marshal’s Office announce task force to combat the abundance of fireworks displays throughout the city

Jun 25, 2020 | 0 comments

The Providence Police and Fire Departments in coordination with the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal’s Office has organized a task force dedicated specifically to curb the use of fireworks due to the recent uptick in our city over the past few weeks. Beginning today, June 25th at 7:00 p.m. there will be a dedicated task force of approximately a dozen law enforcement officials working the streets from Thursday through Saturday, responsible for responding to the increased calls for fireworks and noise related incidents.

“Here in Rhode Island, ground-based fireworks and handheld sparklers are legal. But given the cancellation of a number of recent fireworks displays locally, illegal fireworks have become more accessible to the public,” said Colonel Clements. “This has not only been a local but nationwide problem and with this comprehensive effort we will do our due diligence to ensure that this does not continue to be a nuisance within our neighborhoods.”

“This is a great step forward and I commend the leadership of Chief Clements and State Fire Marshal Timothy P. Mclaughlin for their initiative. When I convened a group of City stakeholders last week to discuss this quality of life nuisance, we identified three main areas that need to be addressed: public education on what is and isn’t legal; licensing enforcement for businesses that are illegally selling fireworks; and a coordinated effort by public safety officials to laser focus on hot spot or problematic areas. I am optimistic that this task force is exactly the type of coordination that will help alleviate the problem,” stated City Council Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan.

“Our office has received many more complaints about illegal fireworks this year than in any past years,” said RI State Fire Marshal Timothy P. Mclaughlin. “We are happy to join the Providence Police and Providence Fire departments on this task force to limit the use of illegal fireworks in our neighborhoods.”

–This is a press release of the Providence Police Department

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