Providence City Council to Award Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic $100K Grant to Expand COVID-19 Testing

Apr 29, 2020 | 0 comments

Providence City Council President Sabina Matos (Ward 15) announced today that the City Council would be granting Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic a $100 Thousand grant to expand COVID-19 testing at their health clinic. Data made public by the Rhode Island Department of Health last week showed that the City of Providence is being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 cases. More specifically, the hardest-hit zip code in the entire state encompasses the neighborhoods of Olneyville, Silver Lake, and Manton – communities that Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic serves.
“These neighborhoods are home to some of the hardest working and most marginalized populations in the state,” stated City Council President Sabina Matos. “These truths are also why they are more likely to be exposed to the dangers of this virus. These communities are the ones risking their lives manufacturing essential goods, ringing out and delivering food to everyone’s homes, and are more likely to access mass public transit. These critical funds will allow Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic to expand their testing operations from three days a week to six days a week and will provide the 02909 community a testing site that’s more easily accessible.”
Clínica Esperanza was founded in 2007 as a place for patients, volunteers, community partners and donors to be healthy. Their community health care model ensures that quality care comes from caregivers who are fully integrated in the community. They offer primary medical care to uninsured Rhode Islanders, with an emphasis on culturally accustomed and linguistically appropriate care.
Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia (Ward 6) stated, “By providing expanded testing hours for our community we are sending a message to our residents that their wellbeing is our number one priority, and that we are doing whatever we can to make testing accessible and equitable. I commend the Council President for her leadership and guidance on this initiative.”
“The health of the community we serve is our highest priority,” stated Councilman John J. Igliozzi, Esq. “These funds will go a long way in ensuring that our most vulnerable residents can access COVID-19 testing safely and with the help and guidance of a culturally competent staff.”
Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic is located at 60 Valley Street in the City of Providence. With this grant, they will be increasing their COVID-19 testing to six days a week from 4 PM – 9 PM daily. Their staff is multi-lingual, and you will need to make an appointment by email at, or by calling 401-408-0238, or by sending them a Facebook message.
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