City Council’s Committee on Finance Approves Additional $5M for Fire Apparatus Through the City’s Master Lease Agreement

Apr 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Last night, the City Council’s Committee on Finance approved an additional $5 Million for new fire apparatus through the City’s Master Lease Agreement.

“I would like to thank Chairman John J. Igliozzi (Ward 7) for his leadership of the Council’s Committee on Finance, and my fellow members of the Committee for acting swiftly after we heard from Derek Silva, President of the Providence Firefighters Union for the need to replace much of their aging fleet,” stated Councilman James E. Taylor (Ward 8). ” The Committee quickly brought back the City’s Master Lease Agreement and tonight approved the necessary funds for these vital pieces of equipment.”

The additional funds will go towards the purchase of potentially four ladder trucks, two fire engines, and one rescue apparatus.

Chairman on the Committee of Finance, John J. Igliozzi, Esq. stated, “This is an important investment in our City’s Fire Department. Our current fleet is aging-out and it was imperative that the Council ensure that the men and women of our Fire Department have the equipment they need to do their job safely, and with the knowledge that the equipment is in working order.”

Derek Silva, the President of the Local Fire Fighters Union, shared his concern regarding the aging fleet with the Council earlier this year. It was at his urging that the Committee revisited the needs of the Fire Department’s fleet.

“The Council’s top priority is the safety of our residents,” stated Majority Leader and Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Finance Jo-Ann Ryan (Ward 5). “We are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic and our Fire Department is often the first on the scene at any emergency. They are charged with ensuring the safety of our resident and their property, and without adequate equipment, it puts all of us in jeopardy. Our City’s economic outlook is precarious due to COVID-19, but the use of our precious tax dollars on this investment is not only prudent but necessary.”

The amendment to the Master Lease Agreement will go to the full Council for vote and passage at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

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