City Council Awards a $2K Grant to the Providence Police Explorers

Oct 24, 2019 | 0 comments

Council President Sabina Matos and Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia Presented a $2K Grant to the Providence Police Explorers Program

Providence City Council President Sabina Matos (Ward 15) and City Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia (Ward 6) awarded a $2K City Council grant to the Providence Police Explorers Program yesterday at the Providence Public Safety Complex.

“The Providence Police Explorers Program is an amazing program that teaches our young people about public safety careers and helps build self-confidence,” stated Council President Sabina Matos. “I would like to thank Tina Shepard for her hard work and dedication to making this program so meaningful to the young men and women that make up this amazing cohort.”

The Providence Police Explorers program introduces young men and women interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or other areas of the criminal justice field to public safety. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities.

“I have been supportive of this program since its inception,” stated Council President Pro Tempore Michael Correia. “The program is helping us grow a new generation of public safety officers. It is providing them with important hands-on training that they would not be able to get elsewhere. Every time you ask them to take part in any community project or program, there is never a no, there is only where and when. I am in awe of the work they do, and all that Tina Shepard does to ensure that this program thrives.”

The Providence Police Explorers Unit educates young adults (ages 14-20) on the purpose, mission, and objectives of law enforcement agencies. Police Explorers have the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experiences while also serving the community. The goal of the Explorers program is to teach young adults the values and skills needed to succeed in a law enforcement career and life.

  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Respect
  • Teamwork and the desire to help others

To learn more about the program, visit them on the web: Providence Police Explorers

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