Statement From Councilman David Salvatore Regarding Recent Acts of Violence Outside of City Nightclubs

Aug 31, 2019 | 0 comments

Once again our City is waking up to the reports of several acts of violence that broke out across Providence in the early morning hours.  As elected officials we have a sworn duty to speak up and provide a voice to those that elected us. We must do something to address these issues immediately.

I want the residents of Ward 14 to know that I have been in touch with the Commander of Providence Police, and have been briefed on the situation.  I will continue to be in contact with our public safety officials and will update you when I can.

There have been too many acts of violence over the last several weeks, and besides creating serious quality of life issues for our residents  – this is also harming our image as a City that is welcoming and a great place to live and visit.

We need to do more, and I’m calling on my colleagues to join me in taking action to protect residents, businesses, and patrons a like.


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