Salvatore Reintroduces Fair Housing Ordinance

May 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Councilman David A. Salvatore Reintroduces Fair Housing Ordinance for Older Adults and Disabled Persons

City Councilman David A. Salvatore (Ward 14) reintroduced an ordinance at tonight’s Council Meeting that ensures security measures are being implemented in housing developments where older adults and disabled persons reside.
“We cannot neglect our senior citizens who deserve to live in a safe environment, with dignity and respect,” stated Councilman David Salvatore. “Late in 2018, I visited a housing development for low-income persons with disabilities along with Police Chief Hugh Clements. We were both puzzled and deeply concerned by the lack of security on the premises. After our meeting with the residents and after hearing of several incidents of elderly abuse, I researched best practices and came across Boston’s 1989 Senior Security Ordinance that has proved effective at keeping vulnerable residents safe. What I am proposing ensures our seniors and people with disabilities are provided with the protections they deserve.”
“As public safety officials, it is our job to make certain that the citizens of Providence maintain the best possible quality of life,” said Colonel Clements. “This ordinance will assist police in their ongoing efforts to protect these vulnerable members of our community, who do not deserve to live in fear. The Providence Police Department is in full support of this ordinance to ensure the safety and security of our disabled and elderly residents.”
According to the proposed ordinance, every landlord that holds title to any elderly/disabled multi-family housing development will be required to provide a safety officer or submit for approval a security plan that meets the security needs of residents. All tenants will be notified and allowed input during the approval process of the plan. Seniors who reside in multi-family housing developments will also be protected from rent increases as a result of landlords complying with the new security requirements outlined in the ordinance. To obtain a copy of the proposed ordinance, please visit the Open Meetings Portal.
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