Council Allocates Funds For Community Organizations

May 16, 2019 | 0 comments

City Council Introduces Ordinance Allocating More than $5M 

In Community Development Block Grant Funding for Providence

Tonight the City Council introduced an ordinance allocating more than $5M in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for the city of Providence. Tonight was the first passage of the ordinance by the City Council, and it is expected to be passed for a second and final time at the Thursday, June 6 City Council meeting.

Councilman Luis A. Aponte, Ward 10, stated, “I would like to thank my colleagues for all their hard work. I’m proud that we can continue to make strategic investments in our city. Investments that will ensure organizations that provide critical services to some of our most at risk and vulnerable residents continue to receive the funding they need to continue their work. Investments in helping to support job creation and economic development by targeting economic sectors with high growth potential. And investments in our infrastructure by rehabbing and rebuilding public spaces and parks where residents and visitors can gather and enjoy themselves in neighborhoods throughout our city.”

City Council President Sabina Matos said, “Deciding where to allocate funding for our cities organizations that seek support from these CDBG funds is a daunting task. I commend Chairman Aponte and the Committee for their hard work in making these tough decisions. These federal funds can change the trajectory of an organization and expand the level of work that they can do in our community.”

The CDBG Program is a federal program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. Beginning in 1974, the CDBG Program is one of the longest continuously run programs run by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The 2019-2020 CDBG Budget Highlights Includes:

  • $480,000.00 in Community Center Grants
  • $445,509.00 in Public Service Grants
  • $514,230.00 in Economic Development Grants
  • $658,000.00 in Housing Grants
  • $1,251,310.00 in Facility Improvement Grants
  • $750,000.00 in Neighborhood Investment Strategies Grants
  • $1,605,948.00 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program
  • $1,180,379.00 in Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program
  • $427,181.00 in Emergency Solutions Grants (Programs helping the homeless)

For a complete list of recipients, please visit the Opens Meeting Portal.

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