Councilman Michael Correia Announces 2018-2019 Ward 6 Improvements

Aug 20, 2018 | 0 comments

Ward Six Councilman Michael Correia has announced his plans for neighborhood improvements using his Neighborhood Infrastructure Funding (NIF).  Through the NIF program, every Councilor is awarded $100,000.00 in the City’s budget to spend on brick and mortar projects in their respective neighborhoods.

“I meet with constituents every day at coffee shops, on the street, or just walking through the neighborhood who have great ideas for improvements for our neighborhood,” stated Councilman Michael Correia.  “I take those ideas and concerns and try and find solutions.  Sometimes, the solution can be found in a current city program or by working with a specific city department. Sometimes, the only solution is to find funding for these community improvements, and the NIF Funding allows us Councilors to make real-time improvements in our neighborhoods. I believe my plan for neighborhood improvements will enhance the quality of life for all who live here and do business here.”

Councilman Correia’s planned improvements will include:

• Pedestrian Blinking Light at Academy Avenue near the Blessed Sacrament Church.
• New Trash and Recycling Barrels to be placed in the Academy Ave. Business District.
•Sidewalk repairs in the Academy Avenue Business District.
• Neighborhood tree planting – which will include 40 trees throughout Ward Six.
• Atwells Avenue & Manton Avenue plaza improvements which will include a welcome sign, bench, and trash and recycling barrels.
• Academy Avenue & Chalkstone Avenue “Welcome to the Neighborhood” sign.
• Manton Heights Security Camera upgrades.

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