Councilman Narducci Introduces Ordinance Combating “Puppy Mills”

Jun 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Once passes Providence will join 280 other North American jurisdictions

to ban the commercial sale of dogs and cats

Councilman Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. tonight introduced an ordinance that would make it illegal for the commercial sale of dogs and cats. It should be noted that the ordinance specifically allows for commercial pet stores to keep and facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats from animal shelters, humane societies, and non-profit rescue organizations.

“We’ve all seen and read of the horrors of puppy mills in the United States,” stated City Council Senior Deputy Majority Leader Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. “For the better part of a year I have worked on this ordinance, and I am very proud to have it passed for the first time tonight. As a pet lover, and as an advocate and board member of Friends of Providence Animal Control I felt a responsibility to ensure the safety and humane treatment of our four-legged friends.”

The ordinance aligns with State standards and establishes exceptions to the spay/neuter law for thoroughbred dogs and dogs with health concerns (letter from veterinarian required). It also creates an additional Dog Permit allowing the owner to keep 4+ dogs, so long as certain health and safety standards have been met.

In passing this ordinance, Providence will join 280 other jurisdictions across the US and Canada to ban the commercial sale of dogs and cats. There is a growing consensus that the best way to stop the proliferation of puppy mills is to cut the demand for them by prohibiting commercial sales. Albuquerque, NM became the first US jurisdiction to ban commercial sales of dog and cats in 2006. In Rhode Island, both East Providence (2014) and Warwick (2017) have also passed bans on the commercial sale of dogs and cats. Other Jurisdictions with such a ban include:  Austin, TX (2010), Boston, MA (2016), Cambridge, MA (2017), California (statewide ban, 2017), Philadelphia (2016) and Pittsburgh (2015).

The ordinance was written in close consultation with the Friends of Providence Animal Control and the Rhode Island SPCA.

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