City Council Passes Don’t Block the Box Ordinance

May 5, 2017 | 0 comments

The Providence City Council approved a measure on Thursday that prohibits drivers from obstructing three designated intersections in the City of Providence.   The “Don’t Block the Box” ordinance was introduced by Councilman David Salvatore (Ward 14) to improve traffic flow in busy intersections throughout the city. Salvatore also lobbied the General Assembly for enabling legislation last year.

“We often see drivers stuck in the middle of intersections, which is unsafe for everyone,” said Salvatore. “Thanks to enabling legislation introduced by Representative Charlene Lima, cities and towns in Rhode Island now have better tools to mitigate traffic jams. The ‘Don’t Block the Box’ designation is proven to reduce congestion and make busy intersections safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.”

The City will pilot the program through the end of 2017 in three locations: Dave Gavitt Way and Broadway; Memorial Boulevard and Exchange Street; and Cranston Street and Potters Avenue.

Police officers will begin enforcement two weeks after “Don’t Block the Box” signage is installed and intersections are striped accordingly.

The Department of Public Works will monitor the impact of the ordinance and provide the Council with a report early next year.

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