Joint Statement from Councilors Ryan, Hassett, and Salvatore Regarding Recent Crimes in Eaton Street Neighborhood

Mar 20, 2017 | 0 comments

City Councilors Jo-Ann Ryan (Ward 5), Terrence M. Hassett (Ward 12), and David Salvatore (Ward 14) today issued a joint statement in response to a string of violent crimes and other violations that occurred over the weekend in the lower Eaton Street neighborhood, which has a high concentration of off-campus student housing:

“This past weekend was marked by a dangerous series of events that threatened the safety of hundreds of people, including students, residents, and public safety officials. As City Councilors, we will not tolerate such a breach of peace in our neighborhoods.

While college students are learning to navigate adulthood, they must be held accountable for their choices and conduct. Following this weekend’s alarming series of events, we call upon the colleges and universities involved to take swift action in addressing the dangerous party culture occurring off-campus. Landlords who violate housing codes and enable these kinds of behaviors must also be held to account.

We are committed to curtailing this behavior, and will convene a meeting with the schools, landlords, and public safety officials to continue our positive dialogue and take all necessary action to protect our neighborhoods.”

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