Majority Leader Ryan Calls for the City to Address Growing Rodent Issues

Jul 16, 2020 | 0 comments

Tonight, Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan (Ward 5) will introduce a resolution calling on the City to address specific rodent issues in the City.

“I have heard from numerous residents about colonies of rodents that have popped up in parts of the City,” stated Majority Leader Ryan. “Rodents create a serious quality of life issues, and when not addressed quickly, can cause health concerns for residents. I have asked that the Director of Public Works immediately address the issue either with City staff or with an outside vendor to address this quality of life issue.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rodent population around the country has grown due to the decrease in residents being outdoors and creating more waste due to being home. It’s recommended that residents ensure that any garbage that is left outside be put in sealed trash barrels. If you have a barrel that is broken or has even a slight hole or cracks in it, you should call the Department of Public Works to request a replacement barrel at 401-680-7500 or visit them online at Replacing your broken barrels will help cut off the food source for these nuisance pests.

Majority Leader Ryan continued, “For these reasons, we must address the issue head-on before it escalates. Quality of life is paramount, and in this current climate where we are living with the COVID-19 pandemic, our residents deserve to have this issue addressed and swiftly.”

Upon passage, the resolution will be sent directly to Mayor Jorge Elorza and Director Leo Perrotta of the Department of Public Works.

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