Students from Community Prep Visit Council Exhibit

Mar 13, 2019 | 0 comments

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 a group of seventh graders from Providence’s Community Preparatory School visited City Hall to view the Black History Month exhibit titled “South Side: Where Providence Begins.” A curated tour was led by City Council Deputy Majority Leader Mary Kay Harris and City Archivist Caleb Horton, who spoke with students about the South Side’s long history of diversity.

Community Preparatory School teachers Cauley Greene and Yajaida DeJesùs were happy to see the students engaged in the exhibit. Greene acknowledged that this year’s exhibit featured “recent and recognizable” history that the students found relatable. Greene was pleased that the seventh graders at Community Preparatory School were exposed to both modern and local history so they could see the progress that has been made in recent years.

Seventh graders William and Nate enjoyed the exhibit’s focus on the South Side as the place where Providence began, and appreciated seeing the history behind the neighborhood where they grew up. After the tour students were able to walk around and look more closely at the exhibits. Edwin, another Community Preparatory School student was fascinated by the wide array of immigrant groups who have called the South Side home.

Deputy Majority Leader Harris engaged with the students asking them if they recognized various people and places featured in the exhibit such as famous baseball player, Davey Lopes. As the Chairwoman of the Black History Committee, Harris recognizes the importance of keeping young people involved in learning about Providence’s history as a cultural melting pot.

“South Side: Where Providence Begins” will remain open until April 12, 2019. Curated tours will be every Thursday starting at noon on the third floor of City Hall. Tours will also be available upon request by calling the Providence City Council Office at (401) 521-7477.


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