Ward 15

Councilwoman Sabina Matos

Sabina Matos was first elected to the Providence City Council in 2010, and was re-elected in 2018. She represents Ward 15, which includes Olneyville as well as parts of the Silver Lake and Valley neighborhoods. In 2015, Matos became the first Latina elected as Council President Pro Tempore in Providence’s history. In January of 2019 she was elected by a majority of her peers as the first Latina City Council President.



Ward 15: Olneyville, Silver Lake, Valley

Ward 15 is located on the Southwest end of the city and covers the neighborhoods of Olneyville, Valley, and portions of Silver Lake.

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Statement from Council President Sabina Matos Regarding RIDE’s Final Reconstitution Order

Today Commissioner Infante-Green issued her final reconstitution order of the Providence Public Schools.

I believe that we all must take part in this transformational change. We live in the 21st Century, and our students are being left behind. No one person or entity can do this alone, and we are in this together.

This process is not going to be easy, but I hope this will be an opportunity for true transformation for our school system, and that it serves all of our students. It is essential that all stakeholders, including the City Council, have a seat at the table as we navigate these changes.

The Commissioner has proposed a bold plan, and I look forward to working with her to make sure that Providence City Schools are no longer at the bottom, but that we fix the systemic issues that have plagued our schools for generations, and rise to the top. It’s what our children deserve.

Statement from City Council President Sabina Matos Regarding the Expansion of Achievement First

I’m a proponent of giving parents choices. Historically, low-income families have never had the real option of choosing which schools to send their children to. The demand for choice is at an all-time high as evidenced by the 3,000 or so families on the Achievement First waiting list alone.

The school decision is one that is intimate to families and we should promote this freedom by providing them more options rather than limiting them.

City Council Stands in Support of Keeping IGT Global Solutions in Providence

City Council President Sabina Matos and a majority of the City Council tonight introduced a resolution, which was passed unanimously by the body, urging the General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 1031 and House Bill 6266. These bills enable the State Lottery Division of the Department of Revenue to enter into a contract extension with IGT Global Solutions Corporation.

“IGT is a multi-billion dollar company that is homegrown, and losing them would be detrimental to the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island,” stated City Council President Sabina Matos. “Over the past 20-years Providence has seen a transformation, and losing them would be losing momentum. With over 1,000 employees in Rhode Island, and 128 of those which live in Providence, we can’t afford to lose this great local company. They have called Providence home since 1976 and this is where they belong, and I stand with Governor Gina Raimondo in wanting to keep them in our great capital city.”

GTECH, now IGT Global Solutions, started operations here in the City of Providence in 1976. They began with just a few employees in offices over Capriccio’s restaurant, and now has grown to become one of Rhode Island’s largest and most successful IT startups. Today, IGT has over 12,000 employees around the globe and has revenues of approximately $5Billion.

IGT has over 1,000 employees based in Rhode Island with roughly 128 employees that live in Providence. Their commitment to maintain 1,100 direct jobs in the State will generate $329.5M in value-added economic activity. With two office locations in Providence at the North American Lottery Headquarters at 10 Memorial Boulevard and its National Response Center ( a 24/7 call center) located at 75 Baker Street on the City’s Southside they are embedded into our City’s economic engine.

As a company, they not only are a substantial contributor to the City of Providence’s tax base, but their philanthropy can be seen throughout the city. They currently support 20 After School Advantage Computer Labs and provide technology opportunities to students throughout the City. Since their inception they have supported several non-profit entities through their corporate philanthropy including Crossroads, Lifespan, Year Up, United Way, WaterFire, First Works, and Amos House just to name a few.

Council President Matos continued, “Extending their contract with the State of Rhode Island will ensure that this Providence born company which has operated in our capital city for 40+ years will remain right here. That’s not just good for Rhode Island, but it’s good for the City and its residents.”

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