Ward 15

Councilwoman Sabina Matos

Sabina Matos was first elected to the Providence City Council in 2010, and was re-elected in 2018. She represents Ward 15, which includes Olneyville as well as parts of the Silver Lake and Valley neighborhoods. In 2015, Matos became the first Latina elected as Council President Pro Tempore in Providence’s history. In January of 2019 she was elected by a majority of her peers as the first Latina City Council President.



Ward 15: Olneyville, Silver Lake, Valley

Ward 15 is located on the Southwest end of the city and covers the neighborhoods of Olneyville, Valley, and portions of Silver Lake.

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Statement from Council President Sabina Matos Regarding RIDE’s Reconstitution Order

Today Commissioner Infante-Green issued her reconstitution order of the Providence Public Schools.  I believe that this is a necessary step, and although I have concerns that the state is taking control of more than half of the City’s budget, I remain committed and supportive of this process.

This process was never going to be easy, but I hope this will be an opportunity to transform our school system and serves all of our students. It is essential that all stakeholders, including the City Council, have a seat at the table as we navigate these changes.

The Commissioner has proposed a bold plan, and I look forward to working with her to make sure that Providence City Schools are no longer at the bottom, but that we fix the systemic issues that have plagued our schools for generations, and rise to the top. It’s what our children deserve.

City Council to Hold Special Meeting Regarding Providence City Schools

Providence City Council President Sabina Matos (Ward 15) announced today that she is convening the City Council for a meeting to discuss the status of the Providence City Schools this coming Wednesday at 5:00 PM.

“We all must play our part to rebuild our school system,” stated City Council President Sabina Matos. “The Council must augment the voice of the families who demand accountability. In partnership with the State and the administration, we must ensure that our schools are safe and clean on day one for our students.”

The Council has invited Providence City School’s Interim Superintendent Francis Gallo, Chief of Administration Joseph DiPina; Providence City School Board President Nicholas Hemond, Esq., Providence City School Board Members; and Providence’s Director of Public Property Michael Borg to attend and and provide an update on the condition of our school buildings, and to discuss the comprehensive education report conducted by Johns Hopkins University.

Council President Matos continued, “I attended all but one of the community meetings held by Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green, and I was deeply moved by the passion and the resilience that our community voiced. Over the past two months, I have met with stakeholders at all levels and have expressed that the Council will do whatever it takes to improve the quality of education for our students. Our community is not only resilient, but we have proved time and time again that anything is possible with hard work. But first, we need to ensure that the basics are met – that our schools are clean, that our infrastructure projects are completed, that students, staff, and faculty have what they need to achieve success.”

City Council as a Whole meeting occurs when the Council wants to convene all its members to discuss a specific issue or topic.

Statement from Council President Sabina Matos

I have learned that Councilman Luis A. Aponte has entered into a plea agreement and will resign as a member of the Providence City Council, a post he held for more than two decades.

As public servants, we are held to a higher standard and Councilman Aponte’s resignation is a necessary and important step forward as we continue to focus on creating greater opportunities and improving quality of life for Providence’s residents and taxpayers.

Sabina Matos, President, Providence City Council, Councilwoman – Ward 15

Me he enterado que el Concejal Luis Aponte ha llegado a un acuerdo con la fiscalía y renunciara inmediatamente como miembro del Concejo Municipal de Providence, cargo que ocupó durante más de dos décadas.

Como servidores públicos, estamos sujetos a mantener un estándar más alto, la renuncia del Concejal Aponte es un paso necesario e importante hacia adelante mientras seguimos enfocados en crear mayores oportunidades para mejorar la calidad de vida de los constituyentes de Providence.

Sabina Matos, Presidenta,  el Consejo Municipal Providence, Concejal – Distrito 15

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