Ward 1

Councilman Seth Yurdin

Councilman Seth Yurdin has represented Ward 1 since 2006. During the 2011-2015 Council term, Seth served as the Majority Leader. Currently he serves on the Committee for State and Legislative Affairs.



Downtown - Providence

Ward 1: Fox Point & Downtown

Ward 1 includes Fox Point, portions of the College Hill and Wayland neighborhoods and much of downtown. The Providence River (site of the WaterFire Festival) runs through this ward. India Point Park, also in the ward sits on the shore of Narragansett Bay and features beautiful green spaces perfect for picnics, music festivals, and the July 4th fireworks.

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Statement from Councilman Seth Yurdin

In the face of this heartbreaking tragedy we need to do what we can to support our community. We must strengthen our resolve to take on the underlying issues that lead to these tragic events. No child should ever have to worry about their safety at school, and tragically that is exactly what students across Providence are worried about right now. I send my deepest sympathies to William’s friends and family.

— Seth Yurdin, Councilman, Ward One

Statement from Councilman Seth Yurdin Regarding Undergraduate Student Housing

On Thursday I introduced a proposed ordinance that would amend the City’s code of ordinances to limit occupancy of housing units to not more than four undergraduate students.  This proposal’s intent was to address the serious upward pressure on housing costs resulting from certain housing units being effectively converted into dormitories or rooming house in our neighborhoods.

The four-undergraduate proposal was also designed to loosen existing city laws currently in effect prohibiting three students from occupying certain units, and to remove graduate students from the current prohibition.  I opposed the ‘three-student’ rule when it passed before the council, stating it was improper to discriminate against those choosing to seek an education.  My opposition to the three-person rule applies here to the four-person undergraduate proposal as well.  In short, my introduction of the four-undergraduate student proposal was a mistake.  A law that reduces the scope of discrimination, but still allows it to apply to others is not acceptable.

Today I submitted direction to the City Clerk to withdraw my name as sponsor of the four-undergraduate student proposal and requesting that it be withdraw from city council’s docket. I will not support it should it move forward. And I support the repeal of the current three-student rule as well.  I remain very concerned about recent developments in our neighborhoods that continue to drive up housing costs for city residents – including new student rental models and the increase of room-sharing services such as Airbnb.  I will continue to work the Council and the City’s Commission on Affordable Housing to address these challenges.  However, any solution cannot be routed in discrimination based upon the identity or status of our renters.

–Seth Yurdin, Councilman Ward One

Statement From Councilman Seth Yurdin

Today I sent a letter to Anton C. Porter, Executive Director, of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission expressing my opposition to National Grid’s proposal to the Fields Point Liquefaction Facility in the Port of Providence. I have requested Mr. Porter extend the 30-day comment period to a full 90-days allowing for more time to investigate, and if appropriate, challenge the claims and terms in the Environmental Assessment.

I stand in opposition with numerous environmental advocacy organizations and local community groups including the Sierra Club, the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, the Providence Student Union, and with countless residents across the state of Rhode Island.

Councilman Seth Yurdin, Ward One

6-29-18 LNG Opposition Letter (3)

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