Ward 7

Councilman John Igliozzi

Councilman John J. Igliozzi has been on the City Council since 1997. He currently serves as Majority Whip and represents constituents who live in Ward 7; the westernmost neighborhoods of Hartford and Silver Lake. Councilman Igliozzi serves as Chairman of the Committee on Finance.

A lifelong resident of Silver Lake, Councilman Igliozzi comes from a family active in public service, including his late father Vincent, his late mother Dolores, his brother David, and his sister Angelica.

In addition to addressing fiscal issues facing the City, Councilman Igliozzi has sought to improve everyday quality of life for residents through efforts such as noise and traffic control, community policing, recreation spaces, and public education. He is a strong advocate for tax and pension reform, and he has been an active member of the Committee on Finance prior to becoming its Chairman.

Some of his accomplishments include spearheading the building of Carnevale Elementary School and DelSesto Middle School, working to rehabilitate Laurel Hill Elementary School and Oliver Hazard Perry Middle School. He also worked to create the first-ever skateboard park in Providence

Other civic projects the Councilman had a hand in within his ward include the development of two new water parks for kids, installing lighted walking tracks, and new playgrounds. Councilman Igliozzi oversaw the construction of modernized soccer fields at Merino Park and helped to establish Merino Park as the home to Capitol Youth Soccer League.

Councilman Igliozzi is the founder of the Reading Express Library for neighborhood children, located in the Silver Lake Community Center on Plainfield Street.  He also started the Annual Kids Fun Day.  He is a team sponsor for the Silver Lake Little League and Capitol Youth Soccer League, and he was instrumental in establishing several new businesses, as well as the rehabilitation of many older businesses in Ward 7, such as the Maya Azteca Restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, and Labella’s Market and Restaurant.

An attorney by profession, Councilman Igliozzi has two sons, Gian and Nico. In addition to serving as the Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Councilman Igliozzi is also a member of the Rules Committee.

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