Providence City Council Staff



James J. Lombardi III, Esq., CPA

Interim Chief of Staff

Serves as staff director and oversees all projects and staff activities. Functions as primary liaison between councilors, administration and department directors.









Billy Kepner – Interim Deputy Chief of Staff & Director of Communications

The Interim Deputy Chief of staff and Director of Communications coordinates communications efforts on behalf of the City Council and its 15 Councilor members. They also create and implement strategic communications, and develop marketing and social media strategies to ensure that constituents are informed and engaged in City Council initiatives. The Interim Deputy Chief of Staff oversees the day-to-day operations of the City Council office in support of the Chief of Staff.




Kunal Vasudev – Policy & Research Analyst

The Research Analyst is responsible for conducting and completing policy and legislative research, including analyses, proposals and reports for both neighborhood and citywide projects


Michael Florio – Constituent Services

Initiates and oversees constituent requests on behalf of residents and council members.



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