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What We Do

The City Clerk operates under the auspices of the City Council. This department is responsible for maintaining and recording all votes, orders, resolutions and ordinances made and passed by the City Council as well as those of its subcommittees, and meetings of the retirement board. Furthermore, the City Clerk furnishes the heads of departments and the chairmen of all committees of the City Council with certified copies of such votes or resolutions as they relate to their respective departments or committees.

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for many functions, but there are still some tasks associated with our office that are actually done by others. Please read below to find out the right department or agency to accomplish your task. We hope this information will save you an unnecessary visit to Providence City Hall. There are separate offices that handle vital statistics, deeds/mortgages, land records etc., code enforcement, flood maps and listings of abandoned properties.

In addition, the City Clerk collects and presents to the City Council all petitions concerning abandonment and easement of properties within the city, as well as personal injury claims, and automobile or property damage.  The City Clerk also issues Trade Name (Assumed Business Name) and Going Out of Business certificates.


Full list of Committees  Meet the City Clerk staff  Video: City Council Meetings

What We Don’t Do

Certificates of Birth/Death/Marriage

In Providence (unlike in other municipalities), the City Clerk does NOT issue certificates of birth/death/marriage.  In Providence, those certificates are issued by the Office of Vital Statistics office that deals with birth/death/marriage certificates. It is located on the ground floor of the Providence City Hall.



Deeds and Mortgages are registered with the Recorder of Deeds. Those with questions/concerns in this area should contact the contact that office at 401.331.5252; or you can visit the office in City Hall in Room 506.


Inspections & Standards

The City Clerk does not handle the following issues for the City of Providence:

For any questions or concerns you have related to these topics, call  401.680.5201 and ask for the Department of Inspection and Standards.


Flood Maps

The City Clerk does not provide flood maps for the city of Providence. They are available at:

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
645 New London Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: 401.946-9996

Hunting + Fishing Licenses

The City Clerk no longer provides fishing and hunting licenses for the city of Providence. They are available at:

Rhode Island DEM
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908

Phone: 401.222.4700
Buy Online from DEM

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