How to Participate

9 ways you can engage in local & state government

This is your city, your state and you can have a hand in what gets done on your behalf. In fact, it is both your duty and right to actively  participate in state and local government.  Below are nine of the most basic ways you can engage and be more involved in what happens in the Capital City or Rhode Island as a whole.


1. Vote

Registering and finding out when you vote is as easy as 1-2-3! Remember: Your vote is your voice!

Get voter registration 411

2. Connect

Engage with your Council member! It's as simple as attending a Council meeting or community event.

Council Meetings Schedule

3. Budget

Explore how the budget is used to provide the services needed to keep Providence running.

View The Budget

4. Learn

What is an ordinance? How does it become Law? Check out or Citizens Guide to the legislative process here.

The Legislative Process

5. Follow

Sign up for automatic email alerts from the Providence City Clerk's office and never miss a notification for a council or committee meeting.

Sign up here

6. Research

Want to read an existing ordinance? Search the Providence RI Code of Ordinances here.

Read the City Ordinances

7. Develop

Learn about what CDBG (Community Develop Block Grant) funds are and how they are used.

Learn About CDBG Here

8. Ask

Here you can find a collection of the most frequently asked questions in regards to how the City Council operates.


9. Track

Your taxes fund and support various city services. Track how those dollars are used in the City's annual budget by visiting the Open Data Portal.

Open Data Portal

Have More Questions?

We probably have the answers. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our constituents here

Council FAQ
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