Councilman Michael Correia Announces 2018-2019 Ward 6 Improvements

Councilman Michael Correia Announces 2018-2019 Ward 6 Improvements

Ward Six Councilman Michael Correia has announced his plans for neighborhood improvements using his Neighborhood Infrastructure Funding (NIF).  Through the NIF program, every Councilor is awarded $100,000.00 in the City’s budget to spend on brick and mortar projects in their respective neighborhoods.

“I meet with constituents every day at coffee shops, on the street, or just walking through the neighborhood who have great ideas for improvements for our neighborhood,” stated Councilman Michael Correia.  “I take those ideas and concerns and try and find solutions.  Sometimes, the solution can be found in a current city program or by working with a specific city department. Sometimes, the only solution is to find funding for these community improvements, and the NIF Funding allows us Councilors to make real-time improvements in our neighborhoods. I believe my plan for neighborhood improvements will enhance the quality of life for all who live here and do business here.”

Councilman Correia’s planned improvements will include:

• Pedestrian Blinking Light at Academy Avenue near the Blessed Sacrament Church.
• New Trash and Recycling Barrels to be placed in the Academy Ave. Business District.
•Sidewalk repairs in the Academy Avenue Business District.
• Neighborhood tree planting – which will include 40 trees throughout Ward Six.
• Atwells Avenue & Manton Avenue plaza improvements which will include a welcome sign, bench, and trash and recycling barrels.
• Academy Avenue & Chalkstone Avenue “Welcome to the Neighborhood” sign.
• Manton Heights Security Camera upgrades.

Open Letter from Council President David A. Salvatore to the Fane Organization Regarding the Proposed Hope Point Tower

Statement from Providence City Council President David A. Salvatore

I want Jason Fane to do business in Providence. I appreciate his commitment to our city – particularly, his pledge to hire union labor for his proposed development. And, I believe that Providence needs to expand its tax base to be successful – and that means increasing development. The Hope Point Tower would represent a $300 million investment in our city, and that is much-needed.

I am also a great proponent of job creation and an ardent supporter of our trade unions.

However, I do not believe that the Hope Point Tower is a good fit for the proposed location on the I-195 parcel. Just a few years ago, the City of Providence spent a great deal of time and resources in the creation of a comprehensive plan, which took into consideration input from developers, community members, and a host of other organizations. Approving a spot zoning change for this development would basically throw all of that process and input out the window.

As City Council President, I have made it a priority to engage our citizens; it is important to me that residents of Providence know their voices are heard.

We on the City Council often hear feedback from developers that there needs to be predictability in our zoning, and we need to play by the rules. And, we have worked incredibly hard to bring our city out of the dark days of backroom deals and the attitude of you had to “know a guy” to get things done. The city’s comprehensive plan laid out a series of clear guidelines for development and design. We cannot just disregard those guidelines.

I want to be very clear on two points: first, while I do not believe that the I-195 land is a feasible location for the Hope Point Tower, I do believe that another location in our city could be suitable. I am committed to working with the developer and city officials to find an option that works for the size and scope of the development while staying within the guidelines of our city’s comprehensive plan.

Secondly, if this project is not approved for the I-195 location, that is not the only option for that land. That parcel will be developed, and it is incumbent upon us as city officials to ensure the development is appropriate.

Councilman Michael Correia Announces 2018-2019 Ward 6 Improvements

Councilman Correia Prepares for National Night Out

On Tuesday, August 7, Councilman Michael J. Correia (Ward 6) will host the 35th Annual National Night Out Celebration at George J. West Park. National Night Out is a nationwide event that brings residents together with community leaders and public safety officials to build trusting relationships and bolster neighborhood pride.

”I invite all residents of Providence and the surrounding area to come and support this great cause,” said Councilman Michael Correia. “Getting to know our elected officials and public safety personnel is crucial to improving many of the quality of life issues that affect us daily. I especially encourage parents to bring their children and introduce them to our fire, police and emergency personnel, in case their assistance is ever needed.”

This year’s event also features music, a bounce house, a giant slide, complimentary food provided by Aramark-Sodexo, and more. In addition, Councilman Correia is also pleased to announce a backpack giveaway for the first 120 students who attend. The event is free, family friendly, and open to the public.

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